Monitoring PhD progress Your supervisor is there to guide you with enthusiasm and expertise, which you can keenly take advantage of. If you were working abroad for a longer period of time or you have another fulltime job, you can mention this with proof in your progress report and you will be admitted to the next academic year. You can check the ” Profile of a good supervisor ” to get an idea what to expect. You will need to pick up the prints on the ULB Campus. The third is the actual defence of your thesis. The deadlines are as follows:.

The next edition will be organised in Friday of Week 48, 4 PM. Personal guidance While independence and confidence are required for a PhD, qualitative support should always be available for any doctoral candidate. We’re here for you! What was your main motivation to start the PhD? Announcing a PhD event.

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Mental well-being If it’s difficult to talk about it with a colleague, we are here to listen. PhD in the spotlight. I still fub other questions! We’re here for you!

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Why do workshops give so few credits? The second is handing in 6 hard copies of your thesis at the department’s administrative office. We can guide you through the general procedures, events and funding methods. They regularly offer grants to help PhD hhesis and travelor the editing and publishing of PhD works. Together, you tgesis decide who is the most suitable for the committee and invite them for an exploratory meeting.


The ombudsperson’s goal is to take the candidate’s remarks into consideration and arrive at a friendly settlement of complaints.

Studying Planning Timetables and exam schedules Academic calendar. Your supervisor is there to guide you with enthusiasm and expertise, which you can keenly take advantage of.

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You only need 30 credits to finalise the entire Doctoral Training Program. Contact your learning path counsellor.

Thesis topics and supervisors First steps of a PhD. The Certificate and Attestation are mutually exclusive and each PhD student can only make a request for ltaex of these documents once. Studying Planning Timetables and exam schedules Academic calendar.

You can find more information on the page about application and enrolment procedures for PhD c andidates. And, as in all cases, the Doctoral School Director needs to confirm this application.

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Read a few short excerpts of these supervisors and who else got nominated in our booklet here. We are organising an Alumni event thess the 5th of October Since PhD trajectories are highly specialised, any questions related to your field of study should be addressed to your supervisor.


Nederlands English Portal for. You just have to prove you were present for one introduction day during your first academic year.

vub thesis latex

How does your PhD research thesus your personal life? Do not forget to register for the event! Skip to main content. A LaTeX template for the title page of your thesis can be downloaded here.

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That was a long list, but I still can’t find anything relevant patex my problem and I don’t know where else to look. You should provide all your text and images at least 14 days before the delivery date. Your faculty and the Education and Student Administration are in charge of the admissions. Financing research There are various ways to fund research, even outside of a PhD.

You’re likely to have some alternatives: Friday of Week 48, 4 PM. We will send you a confirmation or inform you if you have been put on a waiting list.