Its simplicity, high diagnostic yield, ability to diagnose both benign and malignant conditions, and exceedingly low complication rate has resulted in rapid widespread adoption by surgeons and physicians. Few studies of endobronchial ultrasound -guided transbronchial needle aspiration EBUS -TBNA have been large enough to identify risk factors for complications. Minimally invasive surgery of pulmonary nodules allows suboptimal palpation of the lung compared to open thoracotomy. The best diagnostic yield was obtained from subcarinal stations and the lowest yield from the hilar stations. EBUS is proving its worth for diagnosing mediastinal adenopathy. However, clinical heterogeneity was reflected in the nature of the studies and in the operative variables.

For each patient, a pixel region of interest was selected, typically located at a 3- to 5-mm radius from the probe, from recorded EBUS images during bronchoscopy. That will allow for more precise assessment of N1 nodes and, possibly, intrapulmonary lesions normally inaccessible to the conventional convex probe EBUS. During study period, EBUS bronchoscopies in patients with mediastinal lymphadenopathy were performed. Our search yielded 10 studies 1, subjects with mediastinal lymphadenopathy. Past, present, and future of endobronchial laser photoresection. The main objective of this study was to describe the diagnostic yield of EBUS -TBNA for mediastinal lymph node staging in patients with suspected lung cancer. The authors tried to find the relationship between PHACES syndrome and carcinoid tumors or gliomas, which all derive from the neural crest cells.

To investigate chronological changes in the learning environment, multivariate logistic regression analysis was used to compare several indices before and after time points when significant changes occurred in proficiency.

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Spontaneous pneumomediastinum is a self-limiting benign disease but abnormal bronchial lesions can be rarely found incidentally, and in selected cases will require surgical resection. Cumulative sum CUSUM analysis can be used to continuously monitor the performance of an individual or process and detect deviations from a preset or standard level of achievement. This series demonstrates issues that complicate effective placement of jltrasound valves for BPF.

A multicenter study on the utility and safety of EBUS-TBNA and EUS-B-FNA in children.

Results From records, 9 articles on the bronchoscopic BR approach and 15 articles on the percutaneous PC approach were selected. We compared diagnostic performance with the inclusion and exclusion of nondiagnostic procedures.


thesis endobronchial ultrasound

Then, 1 mL of methylene tesis 0. Target lymph nodes were predefined from the preoperative computed tomography CT images. Endobronchial ultrasound -guided transbronchial needle injection for local control of recurrent non-small cell lung cancer.

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No significant adverse events were noted. It usually appears as a necrotic mass causing bronchial obstruction on bronchoscopy and can be confirmed by biopsy. The utility of rapid on-site evaluation during endobronchial ultrasound with a guide sheath for peripheral pulmonary lesions is unclear.

However, clinical heterogeneity was reflected in the nature of the studies and in the operative variables. It is logical to learn and to perform the two techniques in combination, however, for lung cancer staging solely EBUS -TBNA simulators exist, but hopefully in the future simulation-based training in EUS will be possible. Comparison of the two treatment forms may furnish insight regarding the appropriate role for each as individual therapies and as part of the armamentarium of cancer therapies.

Cryobiopsy endobronchail were consistently larger and were the preferred samples for molecular testing, with an increase in the diagnostic yield thesks reduction in the need for repeat procedures, without hindering the marked safety ulgrasound of R- EBUS.

Among the 52 patients studied, In order endobrknchial find out which lymph node should be sampled in a particular nodal station during endobronchial ultrasoundwe investigated the diagnostic performances of certain sonographic features and proposed an algorithmic approach. This encobronchial presents a first case of endobronchial valve implantation to treat relapsing pneumothorax in a Chinese patient, and also presents a review of the literature on the use of one-way valve insertion for the treatment of persistent air leaks.

Materials and Methods Ten patients with endobronchial aspergilloma diagnosed by bronchoscopy and histological examination were identified at the Gyeongsang University Hospital of Korea, from May to May Ten patients with endobronchial aspergilloma diagnosed by bronchoscopy and histological examination were identified at the Gyeongsang University Hospital of Korea, from May thdsis May This study involved direct observation of reprocessing methods for flexible bronchoscopes, multifaceted evaluations performed after manual cleaning and after high-level disinfection, and assessments of storage conditions.


This chapter focuses on the historical perspective, current status, and potentials of lasers in the management of central airway lesions.

No conversion to open ultrasojnd was needed. Presence of an additional attending bronchoscopist was inversely associated with nonproficiency odds ratio, 0. There were no significant adverse events. Eight sites treated on subsequent encounters were excluded and one patient had an unevaluable response, leaving 35 patients and 41 sites for final analysis.

Unidirectional endobronchial valves have recently been shown to be beneficial as treatment for persistent air leaks. The system provides a variety of ultrasouhd modes and additional functionality, including the ability to define regions of interest.

The chest radiologic finding showed fibrotic changes as a consequence of previous tuberculosis infection in 6 patients and a mass-like lesion in 2 patients. We review our provision of this service at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust and the role of rapid onsite evaluation ROSE with the increasing demand for molecular markers in this era of personalized medicine.

This article describes the current use of EBUS and explains the current codes and professional reimbursement.

In this meta-analysis, we compared the efficacies of these methods. All bronchoscopies from and at Haukeland university hospital, Bergen, Norway, were reviewed retrospectively for diagnostic yields.

Antibiotics were changed based on sensitivity test results, and thexis was similarly performed on hospital day We report a rare case of endobronchial angiofibroma in the aberrant tracheal bronchus which was detected during the evaluation of a spontaneous pneumomediastinum.