To apply, please refer to Sciences Po Admissions. Talk about your past. Bear in mind that your referees receive many such requests. Please be specific and do not exceed 1, words. Please note that referees must be teachers or hierarchical superiors. D My application Contact. Here are the most useful links to the admissions website at a glance:

Do not choose language teachers, as indications of your language level are provided elsewhere in your application. Check the eligibility criteria. Catarina Laranjeira Master in International Energy: Because both the courses are a master in economics so questions like: Basically, I think the 4 main points are to: Then, the jury will ask you questions about your knowledge of international affairs. Thank you for your feedback!

What are your hobbies? You dismissed this ad.

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The person you have chosen is prompt to give a positive reference. Take the time oo meet your referees in order to explain the reasons and motivation behind your choice.

sciences po psia personal statement

How long should it be? If you come from a country using the CEF procedureplease note that you cannot apply to Sciences Po through their system.

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D My application Contact. You cannot apply for two dual degree programmes or two masters programmes. If you pssia applied on a previous year, you must create a new application form.


You can absolutely reuse the same information.

sciences po psia personal statement

Watch this video to hear what our graduates say about what makes PSIA unique, and this video to get a taste of the variety of events offered by PSIA’s platform for debate. Make sure you check the specific requirements of your programme eas the number and kind of recommendations required can vary from one programme to another. More about the references. You cannot go beyond words as there is an actual word counter within the application. Bear in mind that your referees receive many such requests.

Only complete application forms will be reviewed, and they must include the requested references by the deadline of the programme. If you are applying for more than one programme, please explain each choice in a separate statement.

sciences po psia personal statement

If it’s so bad, why is Paris so well-known Also, they are looking for people that have been heavily involved in extracurricular or community activities. In both cases, you are limited to only words. Master in Environmental Policy: Check the admissions and scholarships calendar.

International graduate admissions

If you are applying to a Master programme and to a dual degree programme, the references must be writen in English. In this case, the dual degree programme must be specified as your first choice.

You state,ent not apply through another procedure in the same academic year: Do not choose someone only because of their title or position.


How does one get into Sciences po Paris? When applying to different programmes, you must write two personal statements in separate online spaces.

Choice of referees The references supplied in the application form are very important documents for us; you should therefore take the psai care when choosing your referees. Once you have submitted your application, you will not be able to make changes to it, neither will we. You cannot apply for a Ph.

What motivates you to take this course at Sciences Po?

Updated Jan 27, If you are applying for a dual degree programme, please write at least one paragraph in one of the other languages of the programme i. It is normal to aciences a wait of up to two hours before receiving the activation link. They want leaders— and they also want people who can give a thorough, logical explanation of why the Sciences Po curriculum fits their needs.