Force from an infinite line of charge. Old Stuff below Computer Lab: Dipole Gauss’ Law video p. Hand in the questions on Thursday morning. Review Chapter 21 as necessary. Power down your phone!

Make sure you learn the various parts of the national grid – there will be a quiz on this next lesson. I mainly want to know about the motion of the charged particles and how it is achieved. Watch and make notes on this video about field strength. Coulomb’s Law meets Static equilibrium, Ch. Electric field of a line of charge, ring, disk, sheet Review pp.

For the straight line of charge, I would like you to be able to set it up. Read and make notes on P.

A2 Physics

Here is lasseviren on the subject. I will try to make a video about field strength inside a planet, but in the interim it is explained on P.

Questions not problems on p. Finding the electric field from the potential. Bring answers to next lesson. Hand in on Monday or whenever you can if you are away. For the line of charge, we integrated with respect to theta.


AP Physics C December Homework – kwadmansite

Electric Field via integration. Use the scoring guidelines to grade your work.

physics homework #97

Read Chapter 23 Sections I will ask you to derive the electric field at the center of a curved rod of charge pp. Homework Read and make notes on Example 2 on P. Make a table of similarities and differences between cyclotrons and synchrotrons. Looking at the College board learning objectives for our course, I see that you need to be able to set up and solve the integral for the electric field from.

Problem 49 on page Force from a line of charge on a point charge. It would be worth reading through that whole of Chapter 8.

physics homework #97

You can skip the boring bits, and also you can stop when he starts talking about Faraday’s law. Watch and make notes on this video about field strength and potential.

Power down your phone! Lasseviren on the electric field from a ring of charge. Work to bring a fourth charge to point P. Watch and make notes on this video about field strength. Do the Mechanics test M1, M2, M3. Homework Revise for mock next Thursday.


physics homework #97

Next week we will finish off AC and DC generators, transformers, and back emf, and then we will have completed the syllabus. Problems 5, 7, Work done moving a charge in an electric field and potential. The volume is the surface area of the shell 4 pi r squared times the thickness dr. LH, AP cathode ray tube: Do the Mechanics MC test distributed in class. Have a go at these examples. Hand in tomorrow morning.