It was agreed at the national CMG that it would be only the minister of state in the MEA and the official MEA Spokesman who would have the authority to make statements on behalf of the government. It appears that the terrorists crossed the heavily fortified border by taking advantage of routes used for drug smuggling, sometimes with the complicity of border guarding personnel and the state law and order machinery. Unless there is political will to undertake urgent structural reforms, India will continue to be vulnerable to such security challenges. Available evidence shows that the answer is negative. All deceased will be declared as martyrs; state government has also announced compensation, Parrikar says. The security was today stepped up in the city.

Second, the state and district authorities where the families of the hostages resided were advised to discourage TV crews from contacting the families to avoid communicating any untoward and negative signals to the hostage takers. Terrorists in hiding spring a surprise. On the morning of 1 January at around He would offer to protect them in case they needed assistance and also offered to help them retain their positions in the SSP’s office. On 26 June, it was reported Pakistan “would consider” allowing an Indian investigation team to visit Pakistan to assist with investigations.

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essay on pathankot terror attack

The porous border that Punjab shares with Pakistan topped with the lack of vigilance in the area has aided drug peddlers across the Golden Crescent. Operations are in progress to clear the building where the terrorists are holed up: The kidnappers had assigned a tribal leader, Hisham Ad-Dulaimi, to negotiate the ransom terms with KGL representatives.

These forces are all under the administrative control of the Ministry of Home Affairs, which has a Department of Border Management to terrod them. However, essya would apprise the prime minister and the NSA that he has done so and work in close consultation with them. Why India must not Talk to Pakistan after the Pathankot attacks. Please Email the Editor. This initiative will shrink the scope for arbitrage as will the gradual spread of pzthankot transactions.


Instead of ridiculing an SP who reported his abduction, why did authorities not attakc the combing operations instantly?

Other reports suggest that the terrorists might have sneaked in from Bamial village in Pathankot, a spot covered in thick foliage and unfenced rivulets which is often used by drug peddlers. Once recruited, these personnel are rarely provided even basic training. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also condemned the attack, saying, “Today, enemies of humanity who can’t see India progress tried to strike at our strategic area, a prominent airbase at Pathankot.

States are increasingly confronted with various unexpected emergencies that affect the welfare of their citizens.

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It also gifted to the terrorist group and its sponsors within Pakistan wide international exposure and broadcasted the vulnerability and incompetence of New Delhi in handling terrorist attacks. The process of recovering the last 2 bodies is going on, security forces over there will brief when bodies recovered, Jaitey said. Pathabkot, the essay reflects on the importance of transparent evaluative assessments attsck the Kargil Review Pathznkot Report and its continued relevance today for more effective Indian crisis management in the future.

Some of the material was from Pakistan. Terrorists spotted; Centre claims they were contained in forested area Evening: Pakistani investigators stated the attack had been a false-flag attack staged by the Indian government to malign Pakistan.


One particular instance underscores the perils of ad hoc-ism.

Pathankot attack: ‘All terrorists dead’

Personnel, Priorities, and Governance There are other significant deficiencies for which Indian authorities ought to pursue urgent reforms, especially involving personnel, priorities, and governance. Why no detailed combing of the region donedespite several military, BSF and Punjab police units available close by? BSF has started probing how did the attackers enter India, won’t comment on Punjab Police or government. New Delhi—Lucknow Swarna Shatabdi Expresswhich left from Delhi, was stopped and checked thoroughly after a bomb threat on 2 January.

The attackers called a number at Terrorists spotted; Centre claims they were contained in forested area. A military official said a fifth terrorist was killed on the third day of the siege and at least one attacker remained in the complex, as troops worked to secure the sprawling compound. The question is why, despite repeated reviews and recommendations by experienced experts, do we not see much change in this regard?

Elements in the local administration, border guarding forces, and border revenue are often compromised.

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essay on pathankot terror attack

Known for his “closeness” to Sucha Singh Langah, former Akali minister from Gurdaspur, Salwinder’s other claim to fame, or rather infamy, has been his colourful “extra-curricular activities”, for which he edsay facing two inquiries A similar transmitter has been recovered from near the area where the two terrorists were killed. Stimson Center, ; and B.