The onset of analgesia at T10 dermatomal level was significantly earlier in the RD group 7. The patients were randomly assigned to two groups of intervention infusion of 0. A comparative study of two infusion doses of dexmedetomidine. Patients were randomly divided into two groups: Comparison of intravenous or epidural patient controlled analgesia in the elderly after major abdominal surgery.

Sevoflurane concentration was adjusted to maintain the target blood pressure at the beginning of surgery. Just before the surgical procedure, all patients received IV propofol in a subhypnotic dose of 0. Consent was obtained from 46 adult patients of temporomandibular joint ankylosis, scheduled for gap arthroplasty. Patients with KFS usually have other congenital abnormalities as well, sometimes including the whole thoraco-lumbar spine Type III precluding the use of neuraxial anesthesia for these patients. Coronary artery bypass grafting CABG with extracorporeal circulation is a stressful procedure increasing sympathetic nervous system activity which could attenuate renal function due the interrelation of sympathetic nervous system, hemodynamics and renal function.

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Epidural anesthesia is the most commonly used technique for providing not only peri-operative surgical anesthesia but post-op analgesia in lower abdominal and limb surgeries.

The patients were of American Society of Anesthesiology ASA physical status I or II, between 19 and 60 years old, and with mandibular teeth defect 33, 34, and 35 or 43, 44, and It analyzes possible mechanisms of the cardioprotective effect of dexmedetomidine central sympatholysis, favorable effects on the coronary circulation and relief of the coronary steal syndrome in originally ischemized areas of the myocardium, antiinflammatory and antioxidant effects, and prevention of apoptosis activation.

Of 64 accruals, 30 children mean [SD]6. This study demonstrates that subjects with seizure disorders taking enzyme-inducing anticonvulsant medications have an increased plasma clearance of dexmedetomidine as compared with healthy control subjects.


Sixty patients undergoing septorhinoplasty were randomized into two groups. Venous blood samples 3. Here, the synergistic effect of the ketamine and dexmedetomidine together is shown to provide excellent symptom relief while decreasing the total ketamine administered.

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None of the patients in either of the group required any additional epidural top-up dose during the surgical period. A completely separate thesis topic would be the same drugs compared in same type of surgery using Interscalene Brachial Plexus Block or Axillary Block. Minimum anteroposterior diameter and minimum sectional area at nasopharynx and retroglossal airway were significantly reduced in Down Syndrome compared to normal airway at both low and high dose dexmedetomidine.

The mean heart rate was thesiss lower in group D compared to groups E and N at all times of measurement P infusion of study drugs. Propofol requirement thessi noted for each group. Materials and Methods 2. Nine patients undergoing awake craniotomy were treated with refined monitored anesthesia care MAC protocol consisting of a combination of local anesthesia without scalp block, low-dose infusion of dexmedetomidinepropofol, and remifentanil, without the need of airways management.

Adding dexmedetomidine to regular mixture of epidural anesthetics in women undergoing elective cesarean section improved intraoperative conditions and quality of postoperative analgesia without maternal or neonatal significant side effects.

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The objective of the study was to compare the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profile of dexmedetomidine in healthy volunteers with volunteers with seizure disorders receiving enzyme-inducing anticonvulsant medications. In addition, the airway, respiratory and cardiovascular complications along with postoperative nausea and vomiting, shivering, cough grading, Sexmedetomidine score, Ramsay sedation scale, and intraoperative awareness were recorded. Dexmedetomidine loading dose ranged from 0.

Esmolol is known dexmfdetomidine have no analgesic activity and no anaesthetic properties; however, it could potentiate the reduction in anaesthetic requirements and reduce postoperative analgesic use. The aim of the study was to measure airway patency objectively during dexmedetomidine sedation under radiographic guidance in spontaneously breathing pediatric patients scheduled for cardiac catheterization procedures.


dexmedetomidine thesis topics

Postoperative analgesia was prolonged significantly in the RD group While receiving dexmedetomidinethere was a decrease in heart rate compared with baseline, versus bpm, but there was an increase in heart rate compared with postinfusion values, versus bpm.

The aim of this study was to use the Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia Society-Society of Thoracic Surgeons CCAS-STS registry to describe patient- and center-level variability in the use of dexmedetomidine in the perioperative setting in children with heart disease. An acute withdrawal of drugs with addiction potential is associated with a sympathetic thesi leading to marked psychomimetic disturbances. Dexmedetomidine was continued for a median of 20 range, hours.

Full Text Available Abstract Background and objectives: Acta Vet Scand Suppl.

The patients evaluated their level of pain subjectively using a VAS ruler, with zero representing no pain and 10 the worst pain the patient had ever experienced. Choosing a Thesis topic can be a pain for most First Yr Residents.

Dexmedetomidine may by useful in patients needing sedation without tracheal intubation. Group D showed a significant decrease in intraoperative surgical field evaluation scale scale score and heart rate.

The literature suggests potential use of dexmedetomidine solely or as an adjunctive agent to other sedation agents. For the rectal drug administration, we used 22 G intravenous cannulas with the stylets removed. A total of patients and lead placements were included in this study.

dexmedetomidine thesis topics

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