This educational approach to graphic notation can be adapted to different ages and educational contexts. The main improvement proposals informed by the tester professors of the informatic application were: Entre los puntos menos positivos, se pueden resaltar los siguientes: Alonso 4 , J. As India moves to increase the GER Gross Enrolment Ratio in coming years, the need for quality teachers will increase, and the supply-demand gap will widen. The problem of corruption in education 2.

Conclusions — The EFA provides the factors that group the indicators which will form the validity scale. Russian economy turned to a postindustrial stage of development. Experimental – In order to improve the learning of students in the subject, four kind of e-learning resources were experimented: Ferrando 1 , L. Both are considered important for regional development and, consequently, we consider that both areas merit to continuous, and even to be improved, in the region under study.

In this work, we present the social network analysis that is being applied to NeuroK platform. In the processing of the data we opted for the content analysis of the participants’ answers to a question of the questionnaire and to the formulation of four categories of analysis.

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International Journal of Computer Games Technology,pp. Pinheiro 3R. We also observed a progressive increase in the grades when passing from one task to the next in the co-evaluation system. This is supported by the scores given to the students by their peers and the faculty members, but also by the high scores obtained on the defense of the Final Degree Project by some students who conducted the first seminar edition.

References [1] Kapp, K. He brings thirty years of experience as a personnel manager in companies such as, Mercadona, Price Waterhouse, Alcatel and Grupo Gregori. This graphic material is then uploaded to the SABAD platform, as attached to the sample file to be assessed by an expert.

Despite the jormalizado of an u;m artistic heritage of works of jormalizado conceptual, musical and artistic richness, normalkzado notation is still unknown in many institutions of artistic and musical education.


Methods — Following an interpretive paradigm, a qualitative approach, was employed. However, a greater effort is needed to develop the application to offer services such as online access and interconnection with other databases.

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The system of vocational education is the social institution that can support the system of morality. Job search is in itself a painstaking process, time- and energy-consuming. A real focus on the importance of learning by doing should be a priority so that under-graduates can actually grasp the practical side of the various specialized contents developed in the classroom; and surely, the adult learner should be born in mind, as this is an increasing trend nowadays.

Results and Discussion — The intervention Tabla I. Thus, the development of effective teaching materials focused on underlying concepts of molecular phylogenetics is strongly required. In both editions each student made two oral presentations. In the group A, the responsible of grading was the teacher of the subject whereas in the group B, each task was co-evaluated by a couple of students different from the one that performed the exercise requested.

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It is significant to investigate the viability of learner autonomy prior to taking any measure to promote it. Seventy-four to hundred-nine exams of these subjects were analyzed. These data are useful for identifying clusters of students and the different features of the clusters, allowing the teacher a better knowledge vitaw the students.

Specifically, in the educational context, the development of creativity is crucial according to Van Harpen and Sriraman [6], just right as creativity motivates the student for learning and, influences your school success.

Alonso 4J. The name is appropriate because the CV details the major professional accomplishments of your life at some length, which distinguishes it from the more concise resume. In this context, the program Junioremprende is focused on students from primary education.


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Students acquire knowledge with their help much vjtae than by means of conventional technologies. The system of higher professional education has to train specialists for another kind of activity in a new postindustrial economy where innovations play the leading role.

Regarding the external environment, it is stated that students studying in vitea density regions are supposed to have a better QALS, so regional and local governments should take advantage of this result, fostering the cooperation relationships and joint investment programs established with the HEIs that are located in the referred regions.

Additionally, after finishing the four gamification sessions, the best teams in each class participated in a final gamification activity, so that we could identify the best team in the competition. Introduction The modern state of the educational system is characterized by the increasing role of innovative learning technologies.

Introduction — The objective of this research is currivulum present a successful gamification experience developed in a Higher Education setting. What we tried to prove with this experience was that the use of a pedagogical approach PBL together with a ubiquitous, accessible and inexpensive resource – the um – makes it possible to achieve and fulfill the objectives of education to um children of the twenty-first century, as recommended both by the OECD and the European Commission.

The outcome of the collaborative operator- expert sludge characterization process is a standard report validated by an expert analyst, which may be used as a part of the required performance documentation of WWTPs, and an online sludge sample file database for plant operators and managers.

Vicktor Sigov, Full-time professor, doctor of sociology sciences.