We know that the humanities serve a purpose in the market place of work that our students will enter or are already in. Overall, our internal data show that pass rates in online and hybrid courses are about the same as they are in face to face courses. Never before had an instructor do this and I think it contributed a lot to interacting with each other outside of class and kept us thinking about community colleges and higher education. This piece synthesized was what believed about good teaching and learning, and it has been reprinted and expanded on a number of times in the following years. Students also explore important psychological and sociological sources of error in judgment and thereby gain a deeper understanding of both themselves and society.

And speaking of our fabulous BMCC faculty, last night we recognized forty-five faculty members who had achieved tenure or have been promoted at BMCC in the last year. She asked her readers for other examples of myths about online learning, and I sent her an email with this message:. The higher education writer, Goldie Blumenstyk, as a blog on the Chronicle for Higher Education website about some common myths about online education. It turns out that online students are a lot like students who take face to face classes at BMCC. Last week, we had a two-day orientation with new faculty and some staff.

critical thinking 100 bmcc

See my earlier post. These courses serve a large number of students, are pre-requisites to more college courses, and are taught over multiple sections with different teachers. When else does that happen?

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They came from the disciplines of English, Japanese, communications, as well as the social sciences. Many students have dependents or may be single parents.


critical thinking 100 bmcc

Encourages contact between students and faculty. But when you break out the data by ethnicity, you start thikning get a better picture of what is happening with our students. Advanced ACR courses will help you master and apply a full range of college-level reading, and related skills, including critical comprehension, vocabulary, writing, flexible rates of reading, and study strategies.

We also sent a brief survey to students enrolled in online classes. Faculty have used a process similar to this:.

critical thinking 100 bmcc

Research culturally relevant pedagogy. The grant supported the publication of a collection lectures that Isherwood gave to California colleges in the s, that I published with the University of Minnesota Press under the title Isherwood on Writing. Many community college students have criticap that suggest that flexibility is important to them.

Also, one of the key indicators of success at college is whether students come back, so we look at retention of students from their first fall to the following fall. Leaders interviewd for the Blackboard white paper agree that it will continue to transform higher education in the United States.

Academic Literacy and Linguistics

Academic Literacy and Linguistics. This summer crtiical BMCC, teams of fulltime and adjunct faculty will plan and implement a project to improve outcomes in Gateway courses. Various versions exist online, this one is clear and easily readable. Challenge and support are two keys to teaching men of color.

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We also provide academic advisement to help you meet htinking long-term educational goals, as well as offer information and advise you about your degree program. In Springwe analyzed demographic data of students taking online courses. However, as the John Gardner Institute puts it: Academic and Critical Reading Academic and Critical Reading ACR courses will help you improv your reading comprehension through the practice of literal, inferential and critical reading skills, vocabulary development, writing, flexible reading rates, and thinjing skills.


Posted in active learningteaching Tagged engagementtwitter 1 Comment. So, what are Gateway courses anyway? Programs Offered Linguistics and Literacy. Planning and design will happen in June and professional development for adjuncts will take place in August and September.

Give meaningful assignments and feedback early. AcademicTwitter is a thing, and I wanted students to see how academic professionals discussed issues and ideas online, not just in journal articles and conference presentations.

Follow me DeanJimBerg, other members of our class, and at least fifteen other higher education feeds publications, organizations, and individuals. We meet them where they are and we help them get where they want to go.

More student tweets on the issue of college readiness.

CRT 100.6 – Critical Thinking for ESL 95

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Constructivist theories tell us we learn more through cooperation than competition.