Every one of you here today is going to face uncertainty. After mentioning his cancer diagnosis, Jobs reminded the graduates that their time on Earth is limited, and they should make the most of it. So big deal, you may be thinking. Alan Alda, Connecticut College: I know what this is like to some extent because in some ways you and I are alike. But you have asked me, and all in all, I think you made a wonderful choice.

But as much as it’s true that time is a thief, time also leaves something in exchange. You have a monopoly on medical care. If I tell you where it hurts, can you hear in my voice where I ache? To the last question Do you still hear from physicians about your role as Hawkeye Pierce? Set Things Right Again. It was written by a newspaper columnist in Chicago, called Mary Schmich.

These are reports from 41 different medical schools.

alan aldas graduation speech to his daughter

That’s the kind of school I went to for real, O. Eric Schmidt to Grads: And as for what you believe in, values are really not so much what you say as what you do.

Carve Your Own Path. I hope you men will work to grant the same dignity to your female colleagues that you yourselves enjoy. Mourning a loss takes time. How these 2 moms each lost more than pounds.


Alan Alda’s moving SAG speech – CNN

Here are 10 memorable moments in commencement speech history. Policeman schools playground kids with half-court shot. Only this morning you were a teenager. How much will it guide you in relating to your patients? New York Brain Bank.

Alan Alda to Grads: Everything in Life Takes Time

Stephen Colbert to Grads: Wallace asked the graduates to look beyond themselves and t their own certainties and ways of thinking. Wearing a cap and gown, Kermit the Frog received an honorary doctorate and gave the commencement speech at Long Island University’s Southampton College.

So big deal, you may be thinking.

alan aldas graduation speech to his daughter

He knows he might fail. Two months later, representatives from the U. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The speech signaled America’s commitment to rebuilding war-torn Europe and has since become known as the Marshall Plan Speech. The Academy Award-nominated actor, who was introduced alann a moving tribute by Tom Hanks, is best known for his role as Army Capt.

I congratulate you, and please let me thank you for taking on the enormous responsibility that you have — and for having the strength to have made it to this alqn.


You know, sort of like the way a jockey would whip a horse, trying to make it run faster than it can run.

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Kermit the Frog, Long Island University: At their worst, commencement speeches serve as the forgettable prelude to the distribution of diplomas. We all breathe the same air. Countless speecn speakers have used the platform to deliver words that continue to resonate and inspire.

alan aldas graduation speech to his daughter

In July, Alda, 83, revealed he has been living with Parkinson’s disease. Alda mentioned the graduation grzduation in a September appearance at the Philadelphia Speakers Series. But things do take time, like the time it takes for your brain to work on a problem, and chemical reactions take time. Ian McEwan to Grads: Will you see nurses as colleagues — or as handmaidens?

You are already naked. Toni Morrison, Wellesley College: