If you are really keen on doing pre-med at Yonsei, I would suggest that you really take out 1 year to study at KLI in Yonsei or any other Korean university , for a couple of reasons. June 5, March 21, For more information on the test you can refer to their website here: But I did hear that SAT is sort of the main exam they would look at since it’s a national exam in your own country, so I would advise you to study hard now and worry about the scores later! Countries that are in the Apostille Agreement will have a designated institute in the country issuing the Apostille ie ensuring that the copy is a true copy.

Greets from Seoul, Rik. Besides, i know that UIC have scholarship for International students, but I not sure how to get one so I would be really appreciate if you show me how to apply for a scholarship Please reply to my email vinhkieu1 yahoo. How many nationalities are there at UIC? Do you know anyone there? I will send one just in case. And new friendships are what college life is all about right? Certificates of Achievements For Singaporean students, this is where all your certs come in!


I hope that can be helping in gauging. Which is why it is really hard for me to know how much of a chance I have of being accepted since the internet has like no information on this. Sorry if it caused any confusion, chapparang is a slang in Singapore haha D: It says that they are going to call twice, including the interview announcement dateā€¦?


How do you manage the process about translating and verfiying?? Since Korea is not a common destination, I also had worries about finding jobs. You May Also Like. I am doing alot of service, and IB actually requires me to do 25 hours of creativity, action and service each year. Of course you are also allowed to get the Consular Confirmation from the Korean Embassy in your country. Moreover, the school requires a bank statement or receipt to prove your transfer, which will take a week to send.

I hope that helped! You are commenting using your Google account. Hi William, I saw your previous comment regarding your academic achievements and I have actually about the same grades, do you mind me asking if you managed to get the admission scholarship? For me its not a complusion that university should be loacted in Wonju or only Yonsei. We actually have a college counselor at our school dedicated to helping students apply to Korean universities.

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There are things I researched and I tried desperately to find out before coming to UIC and I felt like knowing the answers would be a big benefit. Hahaha I really hope that you will come in Fall!! You will find all eessay about applying for dorms in your welcoming pocket from UIC so no need to worry about that before you even get accepted. Do we still need to send our secondary school result slips over? Is there a personal statement?


However, there is so many problems and issues you have to deal with I myself have been through a lot here and only part of that is stated on the website.

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I yonsel sorry to say that in my opinion, everything stated there is true. So suggest some Uni that are easy to apply and selection no interview and all. Have fun getting to know your new classmates. Hi, can i check with u if u submitted your PSLE cert?

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Please let me know! These are all usually worth from 1 to 2 RC points.

Thank you so much for answering. You also mentioned about middle school transcripts, but it isn’t listed under the “Required Documents” list.

No problem about it: I was very active in uid during secondary school and JC. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

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D Do remember to bring your originals as essay Annonymous Can you address the complaints present in the college board forum. DD I submitted my middle school transcript as well.