Please note that this is an “accounting” issue only; students are expected to do an equal amount of work both semesters regardless of how the credit is distributed. Students with dual majors may write their theses under the supervision of either major, or both. In addition, you must upload one copy of the defended and corrected thesis to Scholarworks by that date. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. If you keep a journal or notebook, you might jot down ideas that excite your curiosity. Once the final grade is entered and the earlier SP is converted to a standard letter grade, that letter grade is calculated as part of the GPA. In the senior year, students complete their 6-credit thesis project under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

How do you write a literature review? Course names and numbers vary by department and major. The thesis defense usually occurs in the last week of classes. Specific deadlines and more information about the College Honors Thesis are available at http: All CALS seniors must take an additional 6 thesis credits across the senior year. Research updates, progress reports, and other meetings are determined by agreement with the student’s individual thesis advisor. How do you find your advisor?

A thesis presents your position on some topic in your field of study, and it therefore includes argument presenting evidence and, where appropriate, critical examination of opposed positions on that topic.

In the senior year, six credits of thesis research are required. The bulk of the work on a College Honors thesis is carried out in consultation with the student’s thesis supervisor, although, members of the advisory committee may wish to be involved as well.

Though different fields define and identify topics umv different ways, the process usually involves some of the following steps: In your course work at UVM, you are bound to be struck by themes and ideas that especially thesie your interest. In the sciences, your advisor may be part of an thess research team, and so can assign you a question to answer in his or her research program.


uvm hcol thesis

At least one Committee member must be in the student’s major department. What do I get from all this?

Section D is for students pursuing a capstone internship. Faculty are usually glad to talk to students who are contemplating advanced work of this sort. It also does not cover the cost of copying your thesis.

uvm hcol thesis

Students planning to study abroad in the fall of their junior year must speak with their yhesis advisor or a member of the BSAD Students Services team as early as possible in order to plan coursework and thesis preparation. More information is available here.

HON – Thesis Prep Course | The Honors College | The University of Vermont

Students who will be abroad part of all thesus their junior year should make contacts before they leave, or contact advisors by mail or e-mail. Students studying abroad for their entire junior year.

uvm hcol thesis

One member of the committee may be from off campus, if that person has special expertise related to the project. The first step in writing a thesis is to contact your academic advisor, or any other potential thesis advisor, early in your junior year to discuss your ideas and interests.

Honors Thesis Guidelines

A completed thesis is due no later than the last officially scheduled day of spring classes in the student’s senior year, with an electronic copy submitted to BSAD Student Services. Different departments have different standards and requirements for theses. As a rule, the thesis will be written under the supervision of your major department or program.

CALS students planning to study abroad in the spring of their junior year and thus unable to take CALS during that semester must instead take HONthe thesis preparation course offered by the Honors College, in the fall of the junior year. How do I select a topic for my thesis? Harriet was a part of a team working specifically on genetic mapping of certain behavioral and cognitive traits that are found in childhood epilepsy.


Funded students are required to present their work at the hcll Student Research Conference held in April each year. Don’t hesitate thesiis knock on doors or e-mail faculty members. In the event that a project requires two semesters to complete, a student, with their mentor’s approval, may divide NH credits over two semesters.

Applicants must provide a brief written justification for the budget they have developed, including supporting statements addressing the nature and cost of the requested supplies as they relate to the project objectives and methodology.

Timeline, structure, and deadlines will be set by the course instructor. It is important to note a terminological item that can be confusing. This proposal should be submitted to the student’s Honors Thesis Committee by October 1; students uvn be notified of approved projects by November 1. Students should carefully plan the semester of their HEC so that a faculty member with expertise in the area of intended research is available to work with them.

Once the final thesis grade is entered hcl the earlier SP is converted to a standard letter grade, that letter grade is calculated as part of the GPA.

If you keep a journal or notebook, you might jot down ideas that excite your curiosity. Here, the reference librarian will be your best friend in searching the literature on your topic. Books, paper, ink, and most computer software ufm hardware does not usually fall into this category.