Contact us Our journalists. Von der Leyen’s dissertation was entitled “c-reactive proteins as a diagnostic parameter in determining amnio infection syndrome in cases of premature rupture of the membranes and during therapeutic baths in preparation for childbirth. The news media later reported that Wulff’s nomination came as a blow to Merkel, whose choice of Leyen had been blocked by the two parties’ more conservative state premiers. Archived from the original on 26 September Fed-up Palaszczuk escalates Adani process photos Jamie Oliver ‘devastated’ by UK restaurant chain collapse photos ‘Selfish and despicable’: The Liberal Party didn’t have an election victory in Victoria. Archived from the original on 5 January

So then, whose death was most shocking? Eight further pages had not yet been scrutinized. As easy as ABC: An online forum has questioned the authenticity of Ursula von der Leyen’s academic dissertation. What Germany’s immigration offices are really like. State Wide Party List. However, a representative of the Ministry of Defense commented that she had already heard of the accusations within the last month, and reacted immediately to dispel potential rumors:

Retrieved 9 February However, Gerhard Dannemann, a law professor who has been working with VroniPlag Wiki for several years, explained that the nature of her alleged plagiarism was not “a severe case” but rather a symptom of the kind of “sloppy work” that was widespread among academic dissertations presented by medical students.

ursula von der leyen dissertation vroniplag

EU top court throws out citizens’ climate suit 2h ago. Ancient Egyptians feasted on watermelons, too, according to find in ancient tomb May. News German Defense Minister Von der Leyen denies plagiarism German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has denied allegations that she plagiarized a doctoral dissertation that she wrote 25 years ago.

From tofollowing the birth of twins, she became a housewife in StanfordCaliforniawhile her husband was a faculty member of Stanford University.

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Retrieved 1 December German ex-Education Minister Schavan loses plagiarism appeal Christian Democrat Annette Schavan’s first legal attempt to reclaim her doctorate, stripped amid charges of plagiarism last year, has failed. State Wide Party List.

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Turkey to buy Russian S missiles, undeterred by US sanction threat 4h ago. Taxes in Germany – how to get more money back on your return.

She questioned whether any effort by the West could match edr or, more important, achieve the outcome sought disertation Ukraine and its supporters. Several other leading politicians, also in opposition parties, have been caught up in lifting scandals, with the Internet platform VroniPlag being instrumental in bringing shortcomings in doctoral theses to light.

Australian who bit husband’s tongue in Iceland fights for justice Flying a drone through a whale’s snot cloud — all in the name of science This community is in the grip of a measles outbreak so bad some families are staying indoors ‘Selfish and despicable’: The allegations brought against Ursula von der Leyen seemed to be part of a greater trend of discrediting politicians for their erstwhile youthful folly.

C-reactive protein as a diagnostic parameter for the detection of an amniotic infection system for premature rupture of membranes and therapeutic relaxation bath in prenatal care. News categories Berlin Munich Hamburg More…. At the Munich Security Conference invon der Leyen publicly defended the German refusal to supply Ukraine with weapons.

Another German minister hit by plagiarism row

Copyright University World News. Jobs in Germany Browse jobs Post a vacancy. Christian Democrat Von der Leyen is the third member of Merkel’s cabinet to face allegations of lifting material.

Most Popular Abbott failed to understand even as he lost Warringah photos Morrison secures majority Government with historic win of first female Chinese-Australian MP in Chisholm photos A woman explains the ‘fine line’ where texting turns ugly ‘I’m a realist’: Where are you on the income scale? That embarrassment came only two years after Ms Merkel lost Mr Guttenberg, a rising star who had to quit the defence ministry after being exposed for plagiarising his thesis.


Related dissertatin Minister faces PhD plagiarism allegations.

Meanwhile, von der Leyen has sometimes been suggested as a possible future successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel. Lawyers for the “People’s Climate Case” have vowed to appeal legen decision. View all notices Post a new notice. She is the only minister who has served continuously in Angela Merkel ‘s cabinet since she took office in However, a representative of the Ministry of Defense commented that she had already heard of the accusations within the last month, and reacted immediately to dispel potential rumors:.

Defence minister denies claims of plagiarism

As easy as ABC: Von der Leyen is a proponent of vronilag more assertive foreign policy. She later expressed regret for having cited an inaccurate study. Accusations of plagiarism Evidence of plagiarism allegedly found in 27 of the 62 pages of Ms von der Leyen’s dissertation Three pages of the dissertation allegedly included between 50 and 75 per cent plagiarised text, while five pages allegedly contained more than 75 per cent plagiarised text Source: DW News on Facebook

ursula von der leyen dissertation vroniplag