List of thesis styles [ PDF – campus only]. Al l students apart from Year 1. Indicate whether you have been granted an embargo. Site tools A-Z Lists. Click on Create Account.

Al l students apart from Year 1. Margins should be not less than 15mm, and 40mm at binding edge. To provide research students and supervisors with more opportunities to plan the training needs of the postgraduate research student, whilst reaching regular milestones for progression throughout the year. Any material which cannot conveniently be bound should be packaged so that it can be kept with the thesis, and should be labelled in a similar way. If you are depositing the full text of your thesis online click on Upload full text of thesis Select PDF and click on Next. If access to your thesis has been restricted for copyright reasons it will not appear in the repository at all unless you have also provided an edited version. Follow the instructions above up until you reach the page where you are asked to Upload full text of thesis Do not choose this option, but simply click Next.

Contact us The University of Glasgow is a universlty Scottish charity: Complete an initial review and annual review All subsequent years: If you still cannot open the files e-mail theses gla.

Month 9 For those who commence in October the annual review must be completed by the end of August. A link will be created between the record for your thesis in the repository and the record for the print version of your thesis in the Library Catalogue. A data management plan takes one to two hours unviersity prepare and approximately half an hour to review.

university of glasgow thesis submission mvls

Note that you should only upload multimedia files where you own submissoon copyright, or where you have cleared any necessary rights. It is recommended that you consult them if you are unsure of how to present your thesis. Click on Next On the Abstract and keywords page copy and paste in the text of your abstract.


Formatting Your Thesis – Enlighten: Theses

Ensure that the CD or memory stick is labelled with your name and submisslon title. To use PDF Creator:. Details of how to deposit associated multimedia files can be found in Depositing your thesis. Select the appropriate Qualification level Enter the Year in which your degree will be awarded leave month and day blank.

Note that special formatting is not possible. See Depositing associated multimedia file s for more information on what can be deposited.

Presentation of the print thesis The following guidelines apply specifically to the print version of your thesis: Illustrations of all kinds should normally be bound in with the thesis. The online deposit system can cope with very large files being deposited, but from the point of view of people trying to access your thesis it is best if PDF files are kept to a reasonable size.

Depositing Your Thesis

If you have created the submossion version of your thesis using LaTeX then you are probably already proficient in producing PDF output. Click on Next Select up to three subject categories that best describe your thesis.

Margins should be not less than 15mm, and 40mm at binding edge. Theses Service staff will check the information you universitty provided and add further details. Click on Save A box will appear asking for a password – click the Cancel button A box will then appear saying that the document is not protected – this is fine it means that user of your thesis will not be asked for a username and password to read it.

university of glasgow thesis submission mvls

Furthermore, if students are outwith the country when the formal assessment interviews are taking place, the School or Institute can arrange for interviews to take place via Skype at a mutually convenient time. Remember that you need to deposit both the full and the edited version of your thesis, and that these should be given different Filenames.


Ensure that you have made best efforts to seek permission to include any 3rd party copyright material in the electronic version of your thesis. If you have been unable to secure all the necessary third party copyright permissions for your thesis you will not be able to make the full version available online.

Formatting Your Thesis

If you wish to return and do this at a later point click on Deposit item later. Smith, James Peter] and an e-mail address you will continue to use once you leave the University.

Contact us The University of Glasgow is a registered Scottish charity: Instructions for theses that are to be o available immediately no embargoes, no copyright restrictions Go to http: If this information is not provided the files will not be made available glasbow.

Click on Next If you are not depositing the full text of your thesis online skip to alternative instructions. You should also check with your School if they have any specific requirements for thesis presentation.

It should be no more than 6 pages long, including a literature review approx 4 pages including figuresan outline project suvmission approx 1 page and a maximum of 40 references.

university of glasgow thesis submission mvls

If you have access to the full version of Adobe Acrobat you will also be able to use this to convert your thesis to PDF format.