If you use TutorAuthor NG to create e-learning content, you can add realistic, fully interactive question slides, buttons, click boxes, and text entry boxes, and much more. Be sure to test all products extensively before purchase, and be sure that the built-in Moodle authoring tools will not meet your needs. A completely online SaaS offering that has equivalent features to it’s desktop product. The Atlantic Link product suite is a rapid, collaborative eLearning tool that creates Flash based eLearning content. Start your free day trial.

Software was successfully used at the CambsMoodle. Additionally, the SCORM standards allow your content to work automatically with specific components of the course management system for example the gradebook , and to track whether a student has completed the lesson. The Xerte Project provides a full suite of open source tools for elearning developers and content authors producing interactive learning materials. There are some templates provided by ADL and by others, which make this process easier. You will need to un-check the “autostart” mark of the Video object vidoe object is used to insert audio too and then define an action on some event that fits the case for example on the slide’s afterdisplay event choose METHOD yourvideoobject, PLAY.

Humans are, in addition, capable of testing your content in your LMS and writing code which addresses the nuances of your LMS, a valuable service which authorware does not provide. Convert any web presentable content.

Creating SCORM Content

STT Trainer from Kaplan IT Learning is a complete solution for creating software simulations, electronic user performance support, and documentation to train employees on critical web- windows, and java-based business software. Co-Author with multiple domain experts, invite subject matter experts to review your course without requiring additional licences.


THESIS Lite is the entry level product and is the only tool that lets the people in your organization use the entire Microsoft Office suite to create e-Learning content. It provides a lesrning variety of interactive resources that drives you to create attractive and dynamic content to engage your students.

thesis rapid scorm e learning 3.5

ViewletBuilder Enterprise includes ViewletQuiz, for creating interactive assessments and surveys. Free 15 day trial available from site: In rapis, an authorware production model, in which non-programmers produce content using graphical user interfaces, can present issues because non-programmers do not understand some of the basic tenets of the Web.

Lectora creates responsive content over which it gives you full control, and ensures wcag 2.

THESIS Rapid SCORM eLearning Free Download

TutorAuthor NG includes everything you tgesis to capture actions in any application and instantly create a 3D life like simulation.

The THESIS product family provides four application options that help an organization create e-Learning objects from virtually any type of lesson content file. Free software for creating elearning courses with flash interactivity.

thesis rapid scorm e learning 3.5

Wimba Create documentation can be found at: The Pro version allows you to import and edit audio, import sckrm, and create quizzes and surveys. Free Lectora Online enables a r author to create some very cool learning modules! The Instructional Content Editor Tool offers many features including streaming video, pre-made page ra;id, storyboard export to Word function, language translation and many more.

Get your Free Lectora Online account here: For more information see: A commercial tool allowing you to convert Word documents into CMS ready content. Anyone who needs to develop online product demonstrations, software simulations for e-learning, or online tutorials for user support will find TutorAuthor NG an ideal solution. Output from the trial version has a watermark on it. Also doesn’t seem to like working in Opera.


With a slide-based content and a really intuitive layout system, it allows you to achieve professional results without any technical knowledge. Gradient Box and all AutoShapes.

You will need to un-check the “autostart” mark of the Learnong object vidoe object is used to insert audio too and then define an action on some event that fits the case for example on the slide’s afterdisplay event choose METHOD yourvideoobject, PLAY.

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Easygenerator’s home page Signup: There are some problems with Moodle configuration see http: SaaS based raapid in connection to a windows application. Besides content creation, it is a collaborate environment that enables content developers and reviewers to work together using a central repository with reusable content.

thesis rapid scorm e learning 3.5

It is suitable for creating software demonstrations, presentations, thesi, assessments, and surveys. You can check out an example course created with isEazy: Qarbon’s ViewletBuilder is cost-effective, comparatively easy to learn, and used by many thousands of corporate, educational, and government professionals since Some overly detailed instructions available here: Find more information at http: