She feels the pressure of having to look after Bobby. What I wrote has essentially the same content as what you wrote but I think it flows a little nicer. The Woman Why did the woman not stop to make sure Megan and Bobby were ok? What does this reveal about wider society? TASK Now look through the rest of the story and look for other examples of foreshadowing — clues that hint at the ending of the story. Can you think of why this is an example of foreshadowing?

Create a list in your jotter. Another Example Megan has scared Bobby again by saying their parents are likely to be locked up for leaving them on the beach. Eyes — what do they see? Share buttons are a little bit lower. Can you think of examples? What characteristics do they share? Her mean and caring actions are representative of a normal sibling relationship.

the lighthouse essay agnes owens

Job, roles, hobbies, etc Stomach — what do they hunger for want? However, once liguthouse know the ending and read the story for a second time we realise that the writer left iwens throughout the story that foreshadow the events at the end. I will analyse and evaluate the nature of this complex relationship which is established between Bobby and Megan. Put them in the correct order as quickly as possible. Uncaring setting that does not change because of a dead girl mirrors the uncaring society that Megan and Bobby inhabit.


Another Example Megan has scared Bobby again by saying their parents are likely to be locked up for leaving them on the beach. Thank you Translate the following: I’m not familiar with the text so this is just an example using the information you gave and taking a guess that Bobby and Megan are the protagonists. Underline and label on your copy of the text. Sep 17, I will subsequently illustrate how this relationship adds to my understanding of the text.

Violence and oewns committed by The Stranger. Give a list agned reasons for your answer.

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I will analyse and and evaluate this relationship between Bobby and Megan in all its complexity and will illustrate how this adds to my understanding and appreciation of the text by examining the use of literary devices and techniques such as: So thought Megan, aged ten. Try not to think too much about answering and think more about simply lighthkuse with what you want to say. It’s nice to have complex sentences, add the next sentence on to the end of this one.

Analyse and evaluate a short story. She feels the pressure of having to look after Bobby.

Essay Introduction (Help to structure and improve)

What does this reveal about wider society? I would probably write something along these lines: The setting stimulates the disagreement between Megan and Bobby. Have your character take up the majority of the page, but leave room for your writing.


It starts sunny and the atmosphere is light.

The Lighthouse by Agnes Owens.

Make sure that you lighthouee define the following words along with any others you have underlined. Lets see who can create the most succinct summary.

Glue down on the sheets of paper. The golf course was stumbled on, as was the stranger the setting mirrors this aspect of the plot — just as they stumble across the golf course, so too do they stumble across the man. The ending is still a shock to us.

Ears — what do they hear?

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Don’t get too wrapped up with the question, think of the answers and then write without stopping, at the end check to make sure that the question has been answered.

the lighthouse essay agnes owens

Start a separate list for each. Simply a Story Oral stories what we did over the last weekend Can come from your experiences, imagination, or a.

the lighthouse essay agnes owens

What do they symbolise?