Make sure you answer the following questions: Read back through the details of the studies above, and then answer the following question from memory: Students are not representative of the general population in a number of ways. According to retrieval-failure theory, forgetting occurs when information is available in LTM but is not accessible. Retrograde amnesia means forgetting events that we have already committed to memory forgetting things from our past.

As the number of digits increased in the digit span tasks, participants took longer to answer the reasoning questions, but not much longer – only fractions of a second. B is followed by A? A number of experiments have indicated the importance of context-based i. A musician who suffered damage to his hippocampus like H. Every year the examiners’ comments mention that essays which are clearly planned score the best marks. A final criticism is that police personnel have to be trained and this can be expensive and time consuming. People tend to remember material better when there is a match between their mood at learning and at retrieval.

This information can be used in the ‘ Brain Imaging Technologies ‘ section. Secondly, the majority of research into the role of interference in shhallice has been carried out in a laboratory using lists of words, a situation which is likely to occur fairly infrequently in everyday life i.

The model suggests rehearsal helps to transfer information into LTM but this is not essential.

KF – Shallice and Warrington 1974

A double dissociation is a term given to a situation where cognitive abilities which are related are found to be located in different areas of the brain. For example, participants would find it hard to do two visual tasks at the same time because they would be competing for the same limited resources of the visuospatial sketchpad.


The other pages of the ‘ Project H. Earn k you study. It involves conscious thought and is declarative.

Thanks to the study guides written by fellow students specifically for your courses, you will never miss a trick when it comes to your exams. A digit span task which required them to repeat a list of numbers, and a verbal reasoning task which required them to answer true or false to various questions e.

Localisation of function Neurotransmission Hormones Environment on physiology Cognition and Physiology Brain Imaging technologies Genetics and behaviour Evolutionary Explanations Shallicee of genetic research. The multistore model of memory was proposed by Atkinson and Shiffrin and is a structural model. This means that it is unlikely that the ‘proper’ version of the cognitive interview is used.

shallice & warrington 1970 kf case study

The recall of the control group wrrington more accurate than that of the experimental group. The study also showed that stress levels did not have an effect on memory, contrary to lab findings. Why are we able to recall information which we did not rehearse e. The other requirement of the command term is to ‘analyse the interrelationships of the issue’.

shallice & warrington 1970 kf case study

Episodic memory is a part shallcie the long-term memory responsible for storing information about events i. This was the first study to use MRI to look at the damage to H. However, very high anxiety was linked to better accuracy. KF had no problem with long-term memory, but his digit span was only two items in others words he could only remember two digits at a time whereas, on average, people remember seven digits in short-term memory. This may have influenced them to be more swayed by the verb in the question.



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Revision tips suallice tricks. Analysing the interrelationships in case studies of memory The other requirement of the command term is to ‘analyse the interrelationships of the warrongton. The Enhanced Cognitive Interview. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

First, interference theory tells us little about the cognitive processes involved in forgetting. The verbal reasoning task made use of the central executive and the digit span task made use of the phonological loop.

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Information passes from store to store in a linear way. F Looking at the case summary on the left, what conclusions can you draw in relation to the Multi-Store Model?

shallice & warrington 1970 kf case study

Syallice final recommended resource is this interview with Brenda Milner. Semantic memory is a part of the long-term memory responsible for storing information about the world.

You can see the dura mater the thick membrane that covers the brainblood vessel walls, his lesions black holesand the residual tissue near the lesions.

You can read them below, as well as their initial report on H. Download the revision notes as a PDF.