Here new arrivals to the city build their own houses out of basic materials such as tarpaulin, scrap wood and corrugated iron. Millions of people have been forced to construct their own homes from scrap materials such as wood, corrugated iron and metals. Favela Case Study – Rocinha. Standpipes provide running water. Infant mortality rates are high in favelas, 50 per compared to a national rate of 15 per Classifying Organisms Classifying Organisms:

Balanced moments and centre of mass Planetary orbiting and gravitational forces Moments — Remember it! Customer Service Remember it, Test it! When a major disaster occurs, such as war , earthquake or famine , large numbers of people may be forced to leave their homes and congregate on the outskirts of a city. Favelas are found on the edges of Rio, close to industry where people look for work. Circular motion Moments — Turning effects, levers and stability. Therefore there is no electricity, no rubbish collection, no schools and no hospitals. What Went Wrong for the League of Nations?

Higher Subjects Higher Subjects up. Cities — London and Curitiba Water on the Land — It is gwography of Brazil’s largest settlements with a population of approximately Globalisation — Remember it! When the air and water are polluted there are serious health implications for people living in the camps. Many of these high rise apartments have 24 hour security and armed guards. They often squat on unused, often unsafe land called squatter camps.


Tourism Tourism — Remember it!

Stuvy is home to between 60, topeople. Favelas Rocinha favela in Rio. Some of these settlements may be 40 or 50 km from the city centre on the edge of the cityalong main roads and up very steep hillsides.

Rio De Janeiro – Rocinha

Classifying Organisms Classifying Organisms: The conditions associated with favelas are very poor. Standpipes provide running water. These areas of temporary caee are known as favelas in Brazil.

rocinha case study geography

Natural increase is one cause of increased population, but migration is the geograpny factor. As squatter camps become established they may grow into larger favelas. Electromagnetism — Test it! What is Guerrilla War? When water is polluted — by animal or human waste, chemicals and industry — diseases like cholera and dysentery become rife.

It is built on a steep hillside overlooking the city, just one km from the beach. Customer Service Remember it, Test it! Compared to simple shanty towns or slums, Rocinha has a better developed infrastructure and hundreds of businesses such as banks, drug stores, bus lines, cable television, including locally based channel TV ROC, and, at one time, even a McDonalds franchise, though it has since closed.


Forces and Their Effects — Test it! The houses in these settlements have no basic amenities such as running water or toilets so there are high incidences of diseases such rocinah cholera and dysentery.

Rio De Janeiro – Rocinha – Mindmap in GCSE Geography

Light and Sound — Test it! Squatter camps Hundreds of immigrants arrive in Rio each day.

The Variety of Living Organisms Organism variation: Many wealthy people live close to the CBD. The population of Rio de Janeiro has grown for a number of reasons. Opposition to the War Vietnam: Moments — Test it!

Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro-Favela Barrio Project

Circular motion Moments — Turning effects, levers and stability. They are located here for a number of reasons.

rocinha case study geography

The favela is built on a very steep hill and up topeople make their home there. Squatter camps are located on areas of land which the population neither own nor rent. Therefore there is no electricity, no rubbish collection, no schools and no hospitals.