Respiratory Care, 47 5 , I and III only B. Which of the following ventilator alarm settings should be changed? The researchers collected CPR final exam grades of PBL students and traditional students between and and compared outcomes between the two groups of students. According to Evensen and Hmelo , PBL came out of constructivist theory of education, which states that learning is active knowledge development rather than the passive absorption of information. In summary, this chapter describes the need to investigate the effectiveness of PBL as an alternative method to teaching respiratory therapy. One possibility is that the higher initial test scores indicate a higher aptitude for learning in the traditional method group.

However, because the students would have pre-knowledge on the topic of mechanical ventilation in respiratory therapy, the study design would need to be revised. On average, however, the students improved their scores by 1. Pre-test GSU The highest possible score on the pre-test was Journal of Medical Education, 34 9 , — The study concluded that the PBL learning strategy had a positive effect on knowledge and skills acquisition. This study is in line with other literature in finding no statistically significant difference between the two teaching methods in regards to objective test scores. Respiratory Therapy Education Respiratory therapists are professionals who assess, cure, and take care of patients who present with breathing and other cardiopulmonary problems.

Does the pre-test score have any bearing on the effectiveness of PBL?

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

Empirical studies, however, are mixed in this regard. In addition, if these differences exist, the question remains whether or not they are significant enough to justify changes in the curricula.


Towards the end of their mechanical ventilation course, the USA course instructor resoiratory the post-test, giving students the same question instrument.

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

Specifically, this study investigated whether there are any differences in the mean score results of a pre- and post-test between students in a BS program with PBL and students in a BS program with tyerapy educational methods.

Any influence in respiratory care?

gsu respiratory therapy thesis

Specifically, are there any differences in pre- and post-test scores between students respiratorj a BS program that uses PBL and students in a BS program that employs traditional educational methods? On the post-test, the students taught via the traditional method improved their scores, with a mean of 5. However, the critical consensus seems to lean toward no statistical difference between PBL and traditional learning in medicine, nursing, and respiratory therapy.

What makes our program unique? Box Atlanta, GA Journal of Medical Education, 34 9— This repsiratory started with higher scores, perhaps indicating that they entered the testing with a higher aptitude, thus it would be likely that their scores would increase. Not all studies have found a thesls link between PBL and improved skills or knowledge acquisition.

The student investigator introduced himself to the course instructor and the students at the end of spring and asked them to participate in the study. The group produced a correlation of 0. This study similarly shows a slight difference in results between the two groups, though it is not statistically significant. What is Respiratory Care or “Respiratory Therapy”?

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

The study reported that the PBL students gain more knowledge and were more motivated to learn than thfrapy non-PBL counterparts. Your name and other facts that might point to you will not appear when we present this study or publish its results.


gsu respiratory therapy thesis

Beachey was the first to publish a study investigating the efficacy of PBL versus traditional curricula in respiratory therapy education across institutions. II and IV only 7. The post-test was then mailed to the student investigator. Hoffman and her research team believed that the PBL theis emphasized learning in tandem with practical problem solving.

However, the youngest group showed the greatest rise in scores. Comparison of Traditional lectures vs. Competencies needed by graduate respiratory therapists in and beyond. Respiratogy Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy provides an education that is relevant. This study has shown it to be effective, but not significantly more effective than traditional lecture-based methods. Three iterations in three decades. The PBL group also improved their scores, to an average of 4.

theraoy After providing informed consent, USA participants were given the question instrument to answer on mechanical ventilation at the beginning of their mechanical ventilation course pre-test.

Hence, these therapists must have a higher level of critical thinking and problem-solving skills than ever before Hill, Your answers will be confidential. Nurse Education Today, 32, — Respiratory Care Education Annual, 9, 47— Even so, its efficacy remains questionable Colliver,