The average yearly growth rate was also calculated for the whole PubMed database for the period — Show downloadable dissertations only. Bibliometric overview of the utilization of artificial neural networks in medicine and biology. Optical techniques are well-suited for the interrogation and characterization of biological tissues. Worldwide interest in the comet assay: Publication success has been linked to supervisors’ supportive role in scientific publishing activity.

Traditionally student theses contain a great wealth of information but are rarely accessible to the OCT community. After adjustment for population, the overall ranking positions changed in favor of smaller countries i. The thesis is an integral part of postgraduate medical education in India. PubMed was chosen because it is the most widely used in medicine Falagas et al. Data Deposition The following information was supplied regarding data availability:.

A bibliometric study of scientific literature on obesity research in PubMed — Obesity Reviews. Note that using the 5-Y IF is more qualitative, but does not reflect individual citations of articles. Optical coherence tomography OCT is a diverse imaging modality that has been used to image the retina and diagnose various eye related disease due to its high resolution, fast acquisition speeds, and non-invasive properties [1] [2] [3] [4]. After adjustment for ophthalmoolgy size Table 5Bthe United States was downgraded to 9 th place, and China disappeared from the top 20 countries.

See yesterday’s most popular searches here. We observed that in vivo assessment of ESS was closely related to: An initial survey and contributing factors. Open in a separate window.


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The variables collected included the candidate’s full name and gender; full title of the thesis; department; full name, department and hierarchy of the supervisor and co-supervisor pbmed ; year of submission; study design descriptive, observational, or experimental [ randomized controlled trial RCT or non-RCT experimental study ]; sample size; and statistically significant difference between groups, if any.

A great example of this development is the evolution of Supercontinuum SC sources. Since the institutional library does not subscribe to it, we were unable to use it.

Research not published can get outdated rapidly; similar work from other centers may be published in the interim. A bibliometric study of publications by Indian ophthalmologists and vision researchers, — United kingdom, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

Tomography, Optical Coherence Early detection of different retinal-related diseases will dramatically reduce the risk of vision loss. The average yearly growth rate of the literature related to eye diseases was calculated as the mean percentage of annual growth rate for the period studied using the equation: References Albayrak et al.

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The potential of this technique, which is not very common in microfluidics, is explored here to characterise our system and its limits are discussed. After adjustment for population, the overall ranking positions changed in favor of smaller countries i. Two authors AB, Ophthalmoloyy assessed each thesis; many different disciplines were included.

Search for dissertations about: This category includes 58 journals. In addition to morphological imaging, quantification of scattering properties from OCT images is a potential complementary source of information on microscopic tissue properties, which can Geisler Geisler E.


With current needs to better understand the interaction between atrial tissue microstructure and atrial fibrillation dynamics, micrometer scale imaging with optical coherence tomography has significant potential to provide further insight on arrhythmia mechanisms and improve treatment guidance.

Ohba Ohba N.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

The Medical Council of India, in its guidelines for minimal qualifications for medical teachers recommends publication of research material in PubMed indexed national or international journals. The Gazett e of India. If a journal did not have an 5-Y IF, the value zero was assigned to the article.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

Sub-analysis of clinical assessments We estimated that a five-year period would provide enough data ppubmed our study. Publication trends in the medical informatics literature: In contrast, including the position in the MeSH tree allowed us to identify the 20 most frequent topics related to eye diseases such as diagnostic techniques, physiological phenomena, anatomic structures, and methods of investigation.

In this thesis, first, we highlight the lesser-known correspondence between the commonly used MC simulation of light in turbid media, and Sequential MC based solution of the Radiative Transfer Equation RTE. Prof Psychol Res Pr.