What Are India’s Options? Improved Information and Media Management. Security forces already possess requisite gadgets like thermal imagers and radars to monitor activity in these areas. Defence ministry officials said that it was an Improvised Explosive Device IED which went off during combing operations in the morning which killed Lt Col Niranjan and likely injuring few others. As foreign secretary, the author was invited to participate whenever there was an external dimension to an emerging threat or a crisis that unexpectedly erupted. The attack has come across as a big blow not only to the central government but also to the Punjab State government. Terrorists launch attack on IAF base in Pathankot, fierce gunbattle on”.

The task force reiterated several of the observations of the decade-earlier KRC. Retrieved from ” https: The mandate of the NIA probe will include entry of the militants into India, killing of a taxi driver Ikagar Singh, kidnapping of Superintendent of Police-rank officer of Punjab Police, who was later released and entry into the IAF campus. Shajapur Sukma Amarnath Yatra. The drivers were finally released on Sept. Until now, little hard evidence has emerged to link the perpetrators of the terror attack in Uri to specific jihadist groups in Pakistan.

In my view, the Iraq hostage crisis was politically less serious than the Mumbai ;athankot attack and the Pathankot attack. Terrorists launch attack on IAF base in Pathankot, fierce gunbattle on”.

pathankot terrorist attack essay

The value of relying upon a well-established institutional structure — with unambiguous lines of authority where each arm of the state understands its role — cannot be overstated. It presented its report in May Second, the state and sesay authorities where the families of the hostages resided were advised to discourage TV crews from contacting the families to avoid communicating any untoward and negative signals to the hostage takers.

Pathankot attack: ‘All terrorists dead’

How is it that there were no fool proof security mechanisms at such a strategic base? There has been partial implementation of this recommendation.

pathankot terrorist attack essay

Retrieved 13 January However, when a crisis erupts, these drills are mostly set aside in favor of ad hoc responses that then invariably lead to suboptimal results. There are speculative reports that terrorists may have entered from the same point which was exploited during the Gurdaspur attacks. Authorities neither knew how many terrorists had managed to infiltrate nor the point or points of ingress. The detailed meeting records of the CMG and the Terrorit permit careful evaluation and learning for the future and become the basis for modifying and improving existing drills.


pathankot terrorist attack essay

PM Modi calls for Pak pathajkot be isolated diplomatically, Army says India will respond at appropriate time”. There was no single operational headquarters set up to coordinate the essat to the attacks and to function as the single interface with the central government, and contradictory instructions passed back and forth between multiple central and state agencies without a nexus of coordination.

India has one of the lowest police-to-population ratios at officers perpeople. Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff Raheel Sharif claimed that India was propagating a “hostile narrative” in response the attack and also stated that the Pakistani armed forces were “prepared to respond to the entire spectrum of direct and indirect threat. Pathankot attacks aimed at disrupting India-Pakistan ties. On 26 April, India and Pakistan resumed their long-postponed diplomatic talks in New Delhi, at which the Indian foreign secretary re-emphasised the need for concrete progress into both the Pathankot and Pathakot attack investigations; Pakistan responded with a statement mentioning it had discussed “all outstanding issues” during the talks.

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President Pranab Mukherjee condemned the attack and sent condolences to the families of soldiers who lost their lives. Abbas Nasirthe former editor of Dawnconfirmed the report about the posters on Twitter but stated that the funeral prayers have been postponed.

During a press conference in LondonPakistani Prime Minister Attacj Sharif linked the incident to the recent unrest and human rights issues in Kashmir.

A senior Arabic-speaking diplomat and another Arabic-speaking officer familiar with Iraq and the region in general led the team. Evaluation, Transparency, and Implementing Reform To learn lessons from policy failure, states must conduct internal autopsies and audits of procedures to determine what went wrong.


SP Salwinder Singh and his cook Madan Gopal alert local police about terrorists who abducted them Their claims were not given credence for hours; crucial time was lost. The NSA should be a full-time position and not a part-time responsibility with some other senior governmental position.

The Times of India.

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This documentation, it said, should be authentic and include comprehensive politico-military references to which public opinion could refer. In both Mumbai and Pathankot, the Indian government favored ad hoc procedures over the established crisis management mechanisms, which were either not mobilized when most needed or failed to deliver on their mandate when deployed. One of the terrorists holed up in the Pathankot air base killed, says top government sources.

January 3 Sunday Morning 10 am: He also sent compliments to soldiers for their valour and courage while fighting the terrorists.

The Pathankot Attacks: The link between terrorism and the drug market

However, this procedure was not followed by the Uri camp which might have allowed terrorists to sneak into the camp undetected using the tall grass and bushes around the terroriist. Along with the Indian drivers, the militants also held three Kenyans and one Egyptian. Three cases — the Iraq hostage crisis, the Mumbai crisis, and the Pathankot attack — reveal how Indian policymakers have both opted and neglected to use established crisis management institutional architecture and the resulting consequences.

They entered the living quarters of the base, [43] but were prevented from entering the area where “high-value assets” are parked.