The research output of the professors and my colleagues including myself has been recorded fantastic ever since from its inception. And how could it be exact ? Other posts from this author you may want to read: Anil 8 years A lot of positives are missing and negatives are hyped. Placements — Profiles and Campuses — The scene in

However, it is professor dependent. What is the world rank of IIM Ahmedabad? The probability of it being an exactly round number is less than the probability of getting into McKinsey… Log in to Reply. Most of us present here will pass out with a salary and life we could never dream of in college or school. Being an entrepreneur while being on campus is cooler.

Most just pretend that they know Wow… I luv dis one!! Being entrepreneur you tend to create your own management practises but using concepts I am learning over here, its helping me to introspect my past understanding of running the Startup and helping to create correct future strategies.

This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. Each and every point is bang on target. Through this course I have acquired new skills which helps in taking day to day business decisions which has improved efficiency and pwgalguy at workplace. Somehow most speakers are made to believe that they are really wanted. It is a good course poised to develop an individual into a well-rounded professional with career progression ambitions.

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Pagalguy Case study | Beating GMAT & Beyond

BTW all cse are true for other “premiere” B-Schools too. Ahuja keeps you on toes to be well prepared before you attend the class. Akash Kumar 8 years It would be great if you could cade your attention-grabing opinion inave bside your living room. What is bad about the IIM Ahmedabad?

Getting involved in an array of extracurricular activities through clubs, committee and various events further accentuated my learning and honed my skills beyond the classroom program. Anil 8 years A lot of positives are missing and negatives are hyped. FMS is very different.

pagalguy case study iim

There is a severe crunch of quality faculty across IIMs 15 Everyone has a view on reservations but is too uncomfortable a topic to talk about openly 16 Everyone complains about mess food. After 11 years of work experience in various domains of management, I felt the necessity to expand my business knowledge through an MBA degree.

What is the cutoff in IIM Ahmedabad?

pagalguy case study iim

The institute lived up to its promise of providing a high standard of education, peer network and job placement in the industry and the city I so wanted. Post Graduate Programme in Management: Even the laziest bums on campus will work when a good professor is around.


Sylvia 8 years enlightening!! And how could it be exact ?

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Follow us on twitter here: If management is about doing the right things, then I believe enrolling at IIM Rohtak was one such right decison. Very Sarkari 8 Fresher girls get placed fast and easily so. Good professors will make you pay for it 23 Teaching associates check your exam papers.

Anyways its an individual opinion Log in to Reply. Most just pretend that they know. That guys in most IIMs are desperate is an understatement.

Pagalguy Case study

Abhishek 8 years I agree. Rather MBA should be taken up by people who have seen various aspects pagalvuy life and know what they want to do with life. At IIMs I see myself a transformed individual with an instilled vision and mission to embark on a new journey with new motive. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price.

pagalguy case study iim

You dismissed this ad. Avik Saha 8 years Like it! Anmol 8 years I loved the point at