The situation is particularly serious because these problems may not show themselves immediately but could have adverse repercussions over the long term. Hasta la fecha, no se han recibido informes de un aumento de las actividades antisemitas desde la entrada en funciones del nuevo Gobierno. Programmes for direct funds, town of Santa Maria di Leuca. Improper use of multimedia players has led to a remarkably rapid increase in hearing problems even among young people. Can the Commission confirm that payments have been made to Danish and non-Danish firms as described in the articles? Many EU cities hold some of the very highest positions, and clearly dominate the world’s top 10 and top Il problema della caccia alla balena rientra nel capitolo ambientale dei negoziati di adesione, che il governo islandese ha sospeso nel maggio

Gli enti territoriali, quali Comuni e Province, sono tra i primi possibili beneficiari dei Fondi diretti programmati ed erogati da parte delle direzioni generali della Commissione europea. Should the Member State competent authorities decide that action needs to be taken to regulate the population of these species, it would be their responsibility to ensure that the regulation measures do not undermine the conservation objectives of such sites and that any permit granted for the regulation of stocks of these seal species complies with the provisions of the Habitats Directive. With regard to the above, an action plan on the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical sector was foreseen for the last quarter of The Obama administration is considering whether to impose economic sanctions on Iceland if the country does not put an end to its whaling activities. New pilot project in tourism sector.

The number of people with cancer is rising every day. Le direttive UE devono essere recepite e attuate dagli Stati membri.

Medical research and new discoveries: The act cannot come into effect until the Commission has established that it will cause no problems with solvinh to EU rules. Economically most advantageous tender in public procurement.

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In assenza di prove gli agenti hanno tentato di estorcergli una confessione con l’uso della tortura, ma le lesioni subite, come confermato dal referto medico, hanno portato al decesso dell’uomo. De Commissie herhaalt haar engagement om discriminatie op grond van seksuele gerichtheid te bestrijden, met volle inzet van al haar bevoegdheden uit hoofde van de Verdragen, en herinnert eraan dat zij reeds een zeer actief beleid voert op dit gebied.


Local and regional authorities, such as municipalities and provinces, are some of the primary potential beneficiaries of direct funding from programmes managed by the Directorates-General of the European Commission.

Attacchi di hacker contro i servizi Bitcoin.

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The reason for this is not hard to establish, given the frequently substantial hike in charges outside national borders. Exploitation of prostitutes in China. Direct funding programmes and olimpuadi town of Torremaggiore. The hunting of pilot whales is currently not regulated by the International Whaling Commission. Iceland considers that its commercial whaling activities are in line with the principle of the sustainable use of natural resources.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Since this new asphalt is produced from used tyres, it also helps to reduce the amount of atmospheric pollution caused by having to dispose of second-hand tyres and using petroleum to produce asphalt. La Commissione collabora strettamente, a livello bilaterale e multinazionale, con i partner internazionali, e in particolare con gli Stati Uniti, per far fronte ai rischi di atti terroristici.

Cases of doping at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Although the Faroe Islands are not part of the European Union, they are nevertheless part of Denmark, which is a signatory to the Berne and Bonn Conventions, under which it has given an indirect commitment to do everything in its power to protect dolphins. In verband met het bovenstaande was een actieplan voor het concurrentievermogen van de farmaceutische sector gepland voor het laatste kwartaal van These regulations co-exist with a multi-stakeholder approach to Internet governance where decisions are taken on the basis of democratic principles of transparency, accountability, and inclusiveness of all relevant stakeholders.

The key objective of IRDiRC is to deliver new therapies for rare diseases, including rare cancers and rare paediatric cancers, by Finora l’UE non ha partecipato allo smantellamento delle vecchie munizioni e delle armi chimiche in Albania. We have called on them to allow UNHCR to implement its mandate on the entire territory of Egypt, including the Sinai region in compliance with Egypt’s international commitments.


Does it believe that this type of asphalt could also be used in less built-up areas? Does it not agree that the approach taken by Eurogroup Italia runs counter to the principles of transparency and equal opportunities which prohibit companies from behaving in ways that go against free competition?

Does the Commission consider that the inclusion of further criteria defined as subjectively and in such sweeping terms as those above will add to the danger of unlawful favouritism in public procurement procedures?

The circulation of big data is very quickly and radically influencing and changing the ways in which businesses and consumers communicate with each other, especially due to the continuing evolution and proliferation of information technologies. The directive also requires data controllers to implement appropriate security measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or unauthorised disclosure.

I risultati dell’ultima indagine sono disponibili online all’indirizzo: Diciannove Stati membri vietano le punizioni corporali nei contesti di accoglienza alternativi, prbolem negli asili e tutti e 28 gli Stati membri nel sistema scolastico e penitenziario.

Esistono strumenti comunitari che possano facilitare l’azione di contrasto dell’abusivismo edilizio da parte dei governi nazionali?

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What does the Commission understand by objective criteria with which to assess the economically most advantageous tender? In addition, by consulting big data, companies are able to better identify their target public and thus selectively send them specific messages.

Does the Commission intend to take measures to limit the disparities between roaming charges outside the EU charged by operators inside the EU? Laser llimpiadi and warfare applications. The legislation on plant protection products only applies to substances and microorganisms that actively operate against pests and diseases.

olimpiadi problem solving classifica 2014