Essays on time management key to success, spongebob essay meme zombie holi essay in english. Periodontal maintenance phase – Supportive periodontal treatment – Results of periodontal treatment IV. Structure of Muscle and properties of muscle fibers. Gastrointestinal Drugs – Drugs for peptic ulcer. Endodontics — Ingle Review of the basic sciences, basic pediatric dentistry techniques and materials used by means of theoretical exposure, discussions and seminars.

Distribution of topics for each paper will be as follows: These regulations are applicable to the students who are admitted to the MDS course from the academic year – onwards. Drawing album and records – Tables showing chronology of teeth. It is also desirable to have certain integrated lectures by multi disciplinary teams on selected topics. Procedures to Improve Alveolar soft tissues: Every candidate appearing MDS degree examination for the first time shall submit 4 typed written copies of dissertation prepared under the direction, guidance and to the satisfaction of the guide of the research topic undertaken by the candidate.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

However strict division of the subject may not be possible and some overlapping of topics is inevitable. Differential diagnosis of periapical and solitary radiopacities. Various treatment modalities in Orthodontics — Preventive, Interceptive and Corrective.

Examination of ear, nose and throat. Reproductive system – Physiological anatomy of male and female sex organs. Models — models of children with normal occlusion at age 3,7,11 and 14 years.


Ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Faulty radiographs and concept of ideal radiograph. Gastrointestinal Drugs – Drugs for peptic ulcer. Case Presentation – Marks a Long case — 20 marks b Short case — 10 marks ii. Hormones and Related Drugs – Insulin, oral hypoglycemic drugs and glucagon.

Attempts should be made to present two scientific papers, publication of a scientific article in a journal. Australian Endodontics Journal 6. Able to diagnose and treat appropriately.

The candidate should be able to – Take the history, conduct clinical examination including all diagnostic procedures to arrive at diagnosis at the individual level and conduct survey of the community at state and national level of all conditions related to oral health to arrive at community diagnosis. Essentials — Santrock Australian Dental Journal 5. The type of cases can be as follows: Post and core build up a Anterior teeth b Posterior teeth – 10 – 05 61 5. Appliance for arch development such as molar distalization – 5 cases.

Staff Signature Table 7 Publications Name: Pathways of Pulp — Cohen and Burns Miscellaneous diseases effecting oal cavity.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

Each student should present a minimum of five seminars each year. Academic Year — At the end of 3 years of training the candidate should be able to: Pharmacotherapy of common oral conditions in dentistry. Transplantation of Teeth 7.


Dissertation survey instruments Companies providing.

Identification and isolation of microorganisms from infected root canals. Deals with prevention and treatment of Oral and Dental ailments that may occur during childhood. The PG student should be encouraged to present the clinical details, radiological, and histo-pathological interpretations, and participation in the discussion. The education process should be an evolving one and not merely a process of acquisition of a large number of disjointed facts without a proper perspective.

Ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Format for the log book for the different activities is given in Tables 1,2 and 3 of Section Ntuhs. Bacterial, viral and mycotic. It is desirable to have adequate knowledge in bio-statistics, epidemiology, research methodology, nutrition and computers.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

Interceptive Orthodontics – Principles – Growth guidance – Diagnosis and treatment planning – Therapy emphasis on: Develop an attitude to adopt ethical principles in all aspects of Pedodontic practice.