To understand the serological flexibility of these serotypes, the genetic properties that lead to seroswitching between 11A and 11E will be further studied. Nahm’s laboratory and in his office. Make your own and make sure it conforms to the margin and text limitations. However, this method may introduce additional non-related mutations that may affect further studies. Serotype 11E is a novel pneumococcal serotype, previously unidentified due to its serological similarity to the epidemiologically prevalent 11A, a significant serotype in both asymptomatic carriage and disease-causing strains.

Despite the large diversity of capsule structure, only a few prevalent serotypes are responsible for most of pneumococcal disease 7. However, as I prepare for next steps in my education and training, I may not be able to pursue these paths. The clinic has more than physicians and handles , clinic visits per year. Just take a step back. Comparative studies of these closely related serotypes may reveal what roles capsular O-acetylation plays in pneumococcal pathology. He has served on multiple international advisory boards in matters of vaccine implementation, and his lab currently focuses on developing and monitoring the efficacy of vaccines. What is the purpose of the NIH F31 fellowship?

Calix JJ and Dorn P. It can seem like a daunting task, but if you start early and break it down section by section it is quite manageable. By stateemnt bugs collected from different sites and implementing population genetics models, we determined the existence of barriers to intermigration by bug populations. Persona is nothing worse than scrolling through the PDF of applications and seeing the margins go all over the place between each section.

Nahm’s laboratory is equipped for various microbiological, serological, and immunological dtatement. This process was capable to induce antibodies that are specific for 11A PS and not 11E PS 32so we assume that O-acetylation is at least partially conserved in the immunization product.


The mentor and personxl environment are outstanding for the proposed studies. I have removed their name and any information that is sensitive for the project or identifying any of the individuals.

Furthermore, psrsonal date all 11E strains have been isolated from blood and cerebral spinal fluid, i. So my advice is to be true to yourself and make it clear what you want and how this fellowship will lead you to it. Even amounts of antibody that give unconvincing changes in blood clearance of bacteria can be protective.

Who should apply perspnal the NIH F31 fellowship? I received two Honorable Mentions but was not awarded the fellowship.

NIH F31 fellowship Do’s and Don’ts – ChemToolman

Conversely, 11E titers will be lower than 11A titers. Determine whether a human humoral immune response can be selective for 11A and not 11E in vitro.

Decline in invasive pneumococcal disease after the introduction of protein-polysaccharide conjugate vaccine. My first research experience was in a summer undergraduate research program fellowship during my junior year of undergraduate study.

Role of pneumococcal surface protein C in nasopharyngeal carriage and pneumonia and its ability to elicit protection against carriage of Streptococcus pneumoniae. We will immunize mice three times with conjugated polysachharides and peripheral blood samples will be obtained before each immunization or two weeks after the final immunization.

Calix, Sample F31 Application and Summary Statement

stafement Thus, these sera may not be representative of an individual whose first exposure to an 11A antigen was natural, potentially resulting in difference between 11A and 11E OPKA that are too small to detect when tested in separate systems. Note I do not work with human subjects or non-human primates, thus I cannot speak to those sections. I did not get permission to use the reviewer comments of the regected application.


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Format, subject matter, duration of instruction, faculty participation, and frequency of instruction. S t rengths Well written, pegsonal clear and testable. However, you do it keep in mind that what is in this section should match what you just wrote in the training goals and activities planned section.

It is not for the light-hearted or those looking to repurpose a different fellowship application. Stxtement protocols specified below will conform to local and national guideline and will be reviewed by the UAB internal review board for the correct usage of animal subjects.

The current proposal is a continuation of this study. In addition, the effective physician will need to be reflective and attentive to his or her own needs for life-long learning, personal health and well-being.

nrsa personal statement

A peptide mimotope can bind to two unrelated antibodies. If you are like me and took RCR during your first year as a course be aware that it is only good for 4 years per the NIH. These assays will also provide preliminary information on the use of 11E as a potential vaccine against both serotypes. NA If yes, check appropriate exemption number. As of earlyyou are allowed 0. Our studies led us to develop ways to accurately measure vaccine-induced antibodies to petsonal capsule and also developed a multiplexed opsonophagocytosis assay.

They will be euthanized after about 7 days and the numbers of CFU in their nasal tissue and nasal wash will be determined by growth on plates.