This new year’s day I did’t clean in my room. We clean table,window,floor,selling,balcony and curtain as well. It represents the glory and magnificence of ancient Iran and manifests a sense of national pride and dignity for Iranians around the world. Turkmen skillful riders on the beautiful Akhalteke horses are indispensable participants of all celebrations. Guests can also enjoy a magical performance of dashing Turkmen horsemen who demonstrate inimitable, perfect riding skills on the magnificent horses in a special arena to the accompaniment of a rousing tune.

In some parts of the world, the celebrations also have street performances of music and dance, public rituals involving water and fire, traditional sports and the making of handicrafts and various kinds of merry-making. It seems happy and meaningful day too. It removes religious, cultural, lingual, and national boundaries and connects the hearts of millions of people who want to take part in a unique ceremony marking not only the beginning of New Year, but the end of the distressed winter and arrival of the delightful spring. Judging by this article Nowruz is cleaning celebration that people prepare new year’s in Iran ,but I didn’t know until reading this article , I don’t know south east culture as well. In his long epic poem, Shahnameh, the 10 th century Iranian poet and philosopher Ferdowsi talks in detail about the origins and roots of Nowruz. This is usually on 21 March. Then read the article and do the exercises to check your understanding.

This action is accompanied by ancient melodies and songs performed by Bakhshi singer-narratorwho attracts emotional listeners.

Haji Firuz is the traditional herald of Nowruz. According to the ancient belief of the Iranians, 13 is an inauspicious number. Nowruz is the Persian, or Iranian, spring celebration of the New Year.


Celebrating Nowruz in Turkmenistan

On this day people go out in the nature esxay groups and spend all day outdoors in the esssy in form of family picnics. Then read the article and do the exercises to check your understanding.

In the evening of the last Wednesday before Nowruz, bonfires are lit and people jump over the flames. Buddhist chanting of Ladakh.

According to one historic account, when Jamshed became the king of Iran, he called the day Navroz.

An Introduction to the Ancient Festival of Nowruz

In such meetings, Iranian families entertain each other with delicious Iranian cuisines, spring fruits, dried nuts, candies, confections, deserts, rice-cakes, pastries, and cookies. I’m Iranian and we celebrate our new year “nowruz” like you said. Nowruz is the Persian New Year celebration.

nowruz festival essay

A basket of painted eggs represents fertility. Children are gifted with special tokens.

nowruz festival essay

This site uses cookies to deliver a better user experience. The actual Nowruz ceremonies begin on the eve of the last Wednesday nowrkz the outgoing year. By reading this article,I can know different festivals around the world. In Nowruz, Kazakhs used to wear new white robes symbolizing joy and happiness and clean the springs and organize competitions among akins.

It was believed that observation of this custom would bring happiness and well-being throughout the coming year. One of the other elements placed on the beautiful Haft-Seen table is a mirror, sesay symbol of purity, reflection, and honesty. The festivities are said to start the New Year in fun with peace and harmony.

nowruz festival essay

His face is covered in soot and he is clad in bright red clothes and a felt hat. But it sounds amazing. In Afghanistan, Nowruz is also called the day of farmer or the day of planting. A table or a common room is decorated with objects that symbolize purity, brightness, livelihood and wealth.


He oversees celebrations for the new year perhaps as a remnant of the ancient Zoroastrian fire-keeper. The bazaar offeres the entire range of handicrafts – colorful souvenirs, hats, skullcaps, festiva, instruments, household items, fwstival pots, carpets and jewelry, national embroidery.

An Introduction to the Ancient Festival of Nowruz | Foreign Policy Journal

The symbolic dishes consist of: The jumping over the fire is followed by a get together in which nuts and fruits are served. They send greetings to other family members living far away by phone or message. In India it is known as Jamshed Navroz. In his long epic poem, Shahnameh, the 10 th century Iranian poet and philosopher Ferdowsi talks in detail about the origins and roots of Nowruz. Kourosh is a staff writer and reporter at Iran Review.

To reconfirm all hopes and wishes expressed by the traditional foods, other elements and symbols are also on the sofreh: Nowruz is considered the most important national holiday in Iran as it marks the beginning of a new solar year and the arrival of spring. Navruz also called Noruz, Nowruz, Nowrooz, and Nawruzthe spring “New Year” holiday, has been celebrated for at least 2, years, and perhaps for as long as 5, years.

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