Each of those causes should have different possible therapy interventions. Upcoming Events No events. As much as Physio is a science, it is an art, and as that not to be underestimated. Mechanical neck pain with conditional cervical neuropathy addressed by mechanical traction and conventional therapy. Popular searches merger and acquisitions Computer model portfolio selection thesis surveys microwave transmission Economics econometrics Real exchange rate Public debt Structural VAR model Cointegration Habits Perm exchange enzyme kinetics Estonian markedness Wheat gluten Natural Science. Overall, good effects of surgery have been reported on arm pain and neurological symptoms. Stroke Research Ideas Yes we do agree a lot.

I heard similar arguments from my wife,’What the hell makes you think you know more than your medical staff? I don’t believe in the comment ‘ All strokes are different, all stroke recoveries are different’. Mon May 23 , Muscle weakness is one of the major causes of post-stroke disability. I refuse to believe that dead brain functions can not be recreated, they may not be the same but the girl with epilepsy that had half her brain removed and still functions quite well proves that relocation is possible. Impaired balance is common in people with multiple sclerosis and can lead to falls.

This could all be easily resolved if we get a longitudinal research study like the Framingham heart study. The only problem there is whether parts of the brain can do two functions at once or functions are kicked out and replaced by the formerly dead functions.


Sat Aug 19 This paragraph on page 82 I think should be applied to us stroke survivors. Anita Jain Cardio Pulmonary. An experimental study to assess the effect of cranio sacral therapy on migraine in women.

Stroke Research Ideas Hi, thanks for this interesting discussion. To Study to find out the prevalence of Musculo skeletal disorder in hairdressers. Should the latter be the case sorry, I must have missed your post before Username Changing provided by Username Change v1. Clinical studies Ventilation and window opening in schools, Experiments and Analysis Popular complementary terms: Boopathi Admin Registered Member 2 Joined: Or maybe something along the lines of rehab potential and severe strokes.

Effect – lack of dorsiflexion, What is the cause? I heard similar arguments from my wife,’What the hell makes you think you know more than your medical staff?

Muscle weakness is one of the major causes of post-stroke disability. You still, however are only looking at the brain.

Mpt neuro dissertation topics

Sun Dec 31dissdrtation I’m in an acute hospital, seeing about strokes a year, I won’t be able to do an interventional study so something observational. Subscribe to this RSS feed. I have passed out from Rajiv gandhi university of health and sciences Bangalore.

It helped the society to make smarter and better choices. I appreciate how frustrating the lack of recovery can be. Thanked 0 times in 0 post. Arun, Boopathi, can any one sugests me good topics related.


Stroke Research Ideas

I want to apply for Newzealand physiotherapy board registration so anyone there from India who got registered as physiotherapist in new zealand please help me. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Psychologists who study survival say that people who are rule followers don’t do as well as those who are of independent mind and spirit. What about muscle physiology and the loss of motor units and neurons? A study to find out the effectives of vestibular rehabilitation in improving daily life function.

mpt neuro dissertation topics

What are the options in Australia after MPT? For observational you could correlate MRI scans to affected areas. Results 1 to 9 of 9.

And from that to therapy interventions.

mpt neuro dissertation topics

Upcoming Events No events. Stroke Research Ideas I don’t have to prove you wrong, The medical establishment has to be able to prove its hypothesis without using clinical experience – See Toni Patts’ blog on Advance.