If a published abstract of an unpublished thesis or dissertation is known to exist, the information should be given: For the latter it is preferable, wherever possible, to cite the details of original print editions see also Similar conventions apply in the case of an article in an issue of a journal that has its own editor and a title: McKerrow, 2nd edn, rev. Details of facsimile reprints of old books should be given as in example iii where the original publisher is responsible for the reprint, and as in example iv where different publishers are involved. Clarendon Press, , pp. Transmitted messages, such as tweets or emails, are an exception see

The Grapes of Wrath , dir. Where section numbers or numbered paragraphs appear in the original document, they can be used to give the location of a citation. The volume number should be given in arabic numerals, no matter what the style preferred by the journal e. If any detail is unknown and cannot be ascertained, the following abbreviated forms of reference should be used: References to software should provide the author or designer if identifiable , the title in italics, the date, and the platform, e. If the separate issues of a journal cover an academic year rather than a calendar year, this should be indicated as in example vi.

A reference to a work in several volumes published over a period of years but now complete should state the number of volumes and give inclusive dates of publication and the date of the volume specifically referred to where this is not the first or last in the series see examples iiiivvii.


mhra unpublished thesis

Munro Chadwick and N. However, the name of the series may be omitted if it is unnumbered, unless the series title itself conveys important information see examples x and xv.

Guides: How to reference a Dissertation in MHRA style – Cite This For Me

If a video reference is available, it should be added at the end. Scribner, —89vi Piero della Francesca, The Flagellationc.

Harvard University Press,pp. Names of repositories and collections should be given in full in the first instance and an abbreviated form should be used for subsequent references.

Blackwell,iii94—98 pp. For ebooks, give the place of publication which would be based on the location of the offices of the publisherthe publisher, the year, and an indication of the kind of digital file, giving page numbers or section details only if these are fixed and stable.

Yale University Press,p. For the latter it is preferable, wherever possible, to cite the details of original print editions see also It is not normally necessary to include forenames or initials of publishers, unless there are two or more with the same surname:.

A Guide to Referencing Academic Work

Email is not a social medium in the same sense. Later references and the identification of quotations should be given in the form: Other subdivisions in books, when separately cited, should be treated as seems appropriate according to this general pattern.

Reference to recordings of music or speech should incorporate the unpubliahed items, as relevant: The first full reference to a play or long work should indicate the edition used see The following is a reference to an individual poem included in a full-text online database:.


Note that books of the Bible are not italicized; roman numerals are used for the numbers of books, arabic numerals separated unpublishhed a full stop for chapters and verses. MS Bodley First reference: Proceedings of the British Academy. Cornelius Tacitus, Opera minoraed. The Works of Thomas Nasheed. Cambridge University Press,p.

mhra unpublished thesis

This should always be done after a forward slash, and hyphenation should not be used. A Collaborative Historyed.

Unpublished dissertations and theses

Wilson, 5 vols Oxford: In a multi-volume work the number of the volume referred to should be given in small capital roman numerals, followed where necessary by the title and editor of the volume if any and by the year of publication in parentheses see examples ivviixii. The first example refers to an article in an online encyclopedia: Any detail of publication which is not given in the book itself but can be ascertained should be enclosed in square brackets, e.

Painter at the Court of Milan London: Names of artists may be given after that of the director. References to articles in newspapers or magazines periodical publications other than scholarly journals require only the date of issue day, month, and yearthe section where relevant e. References to software should provide the author or designer if identifiablethe title in italics, the date, and the platform, e.

mhra unpublished thesis