Geological Service, larger than the 7. Christchurch could no longer host Rugby World Cup matches so lost the benefits, e. The epicentre was 6 miles South East of Christchurch and the focus was very shallow at 3. Communications were damaged and power lines brought down. The effects of an earthquake can vary depending on:

Liquefaction where the ground gets saturated and loses strength caused lots of damage to roads and buildings. This displaced the water above in the Pacific Ocean causing a Tsunami wave to ripple radially outwards. In this instance it was the Eastern seaboard of Japan and the Island of Honshu that were vulnerable. Emergency services had to be brought in from India and from overseas. Japan has a hazards agency, the Japanese Meteorological Agency, which is set up for the prediction of earthquakes and tsunami. The depth of the focus – if it’s shallow, it can be more destructive. Responses are how countries react to an earthquake.

medc earthquake case study a level

A tsunami warning extended to at least 50 nations and territories, as far away as South America. Cared for the most vulnerable people and ensured people were safe from dangerous buildings.

medc earthquake case study a level

In Tokyo, hundreds of concerned office workers tried in vain to make calls on jammed cellphone networks, some wearing hard hats and other protective headgear. Over 1 million made homelessdwellings were destroyed ranging from blocks of flats to simple mud-built houses. Modern innovations, such as Twitter were bringing updates on the situation far earlier than the media.


Distance from epicentre – the effects of an earthquake are more severe at its centre. Responses elvel how countries react to an earthquake. New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ocean in the continent of Oceania. Pre release notes for Unit 4 Tectonics. The effect of an earthquake is the damage which happens as a result of the earthquake. It also predicted the tsunami from this event just 3 minutes after the major earthquake, giving people 20 minutes to get to caae.

They are categorised as follows: There were eartgquake foreshocks, including a magnitude 7. All Tokyo area trains were halted, while the shinkansen bullet train service was suspended. Population density – the more people rarthquake in an area, the more likely that more deaths and casualties may arise.


The IAEA has rated the events at level 7, the same as Chenobyl, and the highest on the scale — meaning that there is a major release of radio active material with widespread health and environmental effects. Water could be seen rising over cars and pouring into warehouses at Onahama port in Fukushima Prefecture, with five deaths reported in Fukushima. Interactive — how Japan had recovered one year on. In additionbuildings totally collapsed and another nearbuildings partially damaged.

In Bhuji there were four hospitals damaged. Many countries such as the UK sent search and rescue teams to help search for survivors. Japan is located at the meeting point of 3 tectonic plates, The Eurasian, Tsudy and Philippines.


Secondary result from primary effects. The earthquake and tsunami also caused extensive and severe structural damage in north-eastern Japan, including heavy damage to roads and railways as well as fires in many areas, and a dam collapse. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

The coastline is also vulnerable, as the vast majority of people live on the coast of Japan. The situation has been further compounded by numerous aftershocks.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Tall buildings swayed cwse in central Tokyo as the aftershocks hit. Liquefaction where the ground gets saturated and loses strength caused lots of damage to roads and buildings.

Two nuclear plants on the Pacific coast in F ukushima were automatically shut down. Sign up to Comment.

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There were also aftershocks, many at 7 of above and over eight hundred mefc of magnitude 4. Intro for Unit 4.

They have readily trained teams of people to go in and assist with events like this.