Strong genetic control over height, basal area, and biomass were found. Keep the set- ups very well and must be monitored from time to time for some slight changes. If the frequency distribution of seedlings with strong root systems is genetically controlled and if strong root systems are excellent indicators of field performance as evidenced in the above mentioned studies, tree breeders may have several important implications Carandang However, this finding is acceptable only at one year old Gmelina plantation. Remember me on this computer.

Treatment C is the best ratio for the mass production. Exploration and research to other plants which have potential for biogas production are also highly encouraged. Six months after outplanting of the seedlings, corn were inter-planted but data analysis disregarded the effects of the annual crops on the growth and survival of the Gmelina tree. The researchers store the following setups in a well-ventilated place following standard temperature which is 29 C — 41 C, the suitable temperature for biogas production. Production of biogas from anaerobic digestion of poultry droppings and domestic waste using catalytic effect of silica gel.

In contrast, initial height of Konara oak Quercus serrata Thunb. Ina and Papa, brother and sister, his loving wife and kids and c above all to most merciful and most beneficent Allah who made this work possible.

Micropropagation of Gmelina arborea. Arborea fruits first before using it in a biogas digester is also recommended. The researchers would also recommend using greater amount of biogas. This finding led to his recommendation that seedling grading based on lateral root morphology maybe a practical way to identify the seedlings with the best potential Carandang A study should be conducted to determine if such variations will be evident also among the arborex sources of seeds of the species.


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Quezon and Cotabato seed sources did not differ significantly on basal area and biomass. Family mean heritability of Gmelina from 3 provinces in the Philippines after 1 year in the field. Skip to main content. The rainfall recorded during the conduct of the study was 2, While in terms of basal area and biomass, Quezon and Cotabato did not differ significantly. Kabacan, Cotabato and Candelaria Quezon seed sources loterature G.

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Arborea fruits was found effective. To our ever loving and supportive parents, who are always at our side willing to supervise and provide all the things that we need through all the time. The researchers recommend further study on this project to obtain better and useful results.

Seedlings with good root mass consistently survived better gnelina those with poor root mass.

Literature review on gmelina arborea

The amount of new roots developed after field planting determines the initial survival of the seedlings. So considering the available literature on Gmelina arborea roxb, review study has been under taken.

literature review on gmelina arborea

The trend of the monthly height growth of Gmelina up to one gmeluna followed a typical sigmoidal behavior Figure 3. Dey DC New Forests. World view of Gmelina arborea: The setups were then sealed with a constructed bottle caps tightly and allowed a tape to wound around.


literature review on gmelina arborea

Click here to sign up. U value of about Regression and Correlation analysis. Lateral root morphology as an expression of sweetgum seedling quality. Therefore, the researchers believe that the G. The interaction effect of the distance of planting x root classes D x R is significant on the 8th to 10th months but in the rest of the months there was no significant differences.

Some good provenances were identified in north, central-eastern, and southwest India, and Thailand- Malaysia. Computation of the basal area considered the density of tree per hectare, does more density of tree means higher basal area. This result was supported by the positive and literwture relationship of provenance with the same traits. It is important to account for the replicated design in your model. Table of Contents………………………………………………………………………… Approval Sheet…………………………………………………………………….

Collection of data started after 30 days was gmleina monthly afterwards throughout the duration of the study. Gmelina grows best on deep, well drained, base-rich soils with pH between 5.