Yoo described the ideal data set: He knew they would only get one chance with doctors — any errors in the data could mean the instant loss of credibility for Kyruus. We saw an opportunity to change that. Eric from Graduateway Hi there, would you like to get an essay? That had a profound impact on me. Let us create the best one for you!

While growing up, Yoo had wanted to go into medicine. Cite View Details Related. This question motivated me to explore this space indepth. In August , Gardner and Yoo founded Kyruus. Gardner and Yoo had founded Kyruus in August, When she was admitted to MIT, she enrolled as a Biology major. We have made tremendous progress and a lot of people are interested in investing in our growth — why not put the foot on the accelerator and build our team to meet the demand for our products?

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No one was asking: However, the conversations during dinner with his father about the impact of the pharmaceutical industry also implanted the realization that healthcare was broader than just practicing medicine and that physicians could make a difference in many ways.

The first step for Kyruus is to enable basic access to and navigation of the information for different stakeholders across the healthcare system. Pursuing the compliance market was the least risky option. That posed a very intriguing challenge — what were the characteristics and nuances of healthcare and life sciences that might prevent the optimal use of data and technology?

The pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics markets were expected to have single digit growth. A third group argued for an even more aggressive approach: Agag needed to develop the series from scratch—developing a race car, finding teams willing to race, cities willing to host races, and sponsors, media partners, and investors willing to fund the series.


Toward the end of my training, my parents moved to Boston so that my father could help start a new company with a long-time family friend, Bob Langer. See exhibit 1 for management biographies. This question motivated me to explore this space indepth.

We have made tremendous progress and a lot of people are interested in investing in our growth — why not put the foot on the accelerator and build our team to meet the kyrujs for our products?

Physicians are multi-dimensional professionals. In earlyGraham returned to Highland Capital to resume his role as a venture capitalist. The first race was one year away. While there, I did my thesis work in the fields of genomics and personalized medicine, where there was a great deal of opportunity to commercialize big data solutions for both research and clinical applications. One of the things I had learned during my venture career was that companies that engaged with clients early on in their product development built things that the market wanted and generally had a better chance of success.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. At the same time, Gardner loved the casee curve inherent in medical education and wanted to absorb as much as he could before leaving the clinical setting.

Her father was a physicist and materials science engineer who spent several years leading research and development for a large Korean electronics conglomerate, before taking an entrepreneurial dive into a new venture towards the end of his career. Healthcare IT Market There are four major pools of healthcare data: Keen on exploring the various roles physicians could play in the medical field, he accumulated diverse experiences doing basic science research, working in the marketing division of a pharmaceutical company, and even doing some consulting during his summers in medical school.


We saw an opportunity to change that. That is how we got our first pilots. Higgins and James Weber. The data set fueled myriad applications. Gardner and Yoo had founded Kyruus in August, If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. She missed the flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit of a small organization, and was eager to explore new opportunities in the burgeoning Health IT and Analytics space.

Kyruus: Big Data’s Search for the Killer App

Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. Gardner met with his contacts in medical device companies and hospitals to determine their needs.

kyruus case study

People were willing to tell us what they wanted and they were willing to pay a lot for it. They treat patients, conduct research, lead clinical trials, publish studies, work as consultants, get educated in different places, and train others as educators themselves. Cite View Details Educators Related. First, I became comfortable not knowing everything and even now, as a CEO, I am very open with my team and my Directors about what I do well and where I need support.

kyruus case study

I worry that the compliance office is a difficult place to start if you want to expand into other parts of the hospital. The companies were posting the data in different formats, referring to the same physician by different names John Reynolds vs.