This finding implies that the quantum defect is not the sole significant source for thermal heating in the fiber. We report on successful joining of a beta barium borate crystal by plasma-activated direct bonding. Since the advent of femtosecond lasers, performance improvements have constantly impacted on existing applications and enabled novel applications. Fiber lasers are a highly regarded solid-state laser concept due to their high efficiency, beam quality, and easy thermal management. To realize such laser systems, various aspects have to be taken into account which include beam combination elements, stabilization systems and the output parameters of the individual amplifiers.

We report on a significant improvement of the total bandwidth amplified in an optical parametric process. The energy scaling of ultrashort-pulse systems employing simultaneously the techniques of chirped-pulse amplification and passively combined divided-pulse amplification is analyzed both experimentally and numerically. The high flux and narrow-band harmonic line at Idler absorption and its crystal heating is experimentally investigated for a BBO. Recently the strong impact that photodarkening PD has on the TMI threshold of Yb-doped fiber laser systems has been revealed. Our study highlights liquid-core fibres as a promising platform for fundamental optics and applications towards novel coherent and reconfigurable light sources.

Specification of the [ The guidelines derived from the simulations do not involve changes in the composition of the active material except for its doping concentrationbut can still lead to a significant increase of the transverse mode instability threshold.

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Nevertheless, one laser feature bearing the tremendous potential for high-field applications, delivering extremely high peak and average powers simultaneously, is still not accessible. These polymeric compounds were subsequently intensively tested for their application as electrode material and incorporated into batteries, including the fabrication of a battery using inkjet-printing.

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The generated pulse peak power is as high as 7 MW. To compensate for phase jitter added by the amplifier to the feed-forward phase-stabilized seeding pulses, a self-referencing feed-back loop is implemented at the system output.

Addressing this challenge could, for the first time, allow the highly efficient dumping of joule-class pulses at megawatt average power levels and lead to unprecedented laser parameters. A plain BBO and a sapphire-BBO compound are compared with respect to the achievable beam quality in the conversion process. kumulahive


Publications by Prof. Dr. Jens Limpert – Helmholtz Institute Jena, Germany

Usually, fs-CARS is performed in a three beam setup, which requires maintaining spatial and temporal overlap of the pulses at the focal point. We report on the performance of a 60 kHz repetition rate sub fs, optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier system with 2 W average power and 3 GW peak power. Only a restricted number of measurements of these parameters exist and only at relatively low velocities. This experiment paves the way for higher energy or average power operation of various nonlinear compression setups.

Modern ultrafast laser architectures enable high-order harmonic generation HHG in gases at multi- MHz repetition rates, where each atom interacts with multiple pulses before leaving the HHG volume. An input pulse is sent through a fiber optical circulator. Gains or losses on fair value measurement of available-for-sale financial assets are recognized directly under other comprehensive income.

The development and synthesis of new polymers for organic batteries is a long and difficult process rife with challenges. Second, we demonstrate the highest resolution ever achieved with FTH at any light source 34 nm by utilizing a high photon flux source and cutting-edge nanofabrication technology. Ultrashort-pulse x-ray free-electron lasers have significantly advanced the field by enabling advanced pump-probe schemes.

My aim at the completion. The most striking feature of these measurements is that the RIN level is progressively attenuated after each amplification stage. Bibliography dissertation apa thesis dissertation binding edinburgh morningside wikipedia corporate dissertatioh class example of abstract in research paper about lack of facilities in school essay on character council by a 6th grader kumulative dissertation jena research paper on indian typography methode dissertation juridique pdf.

Synthesis and characterization of photocatalytically active [FeFe]-hydrogenase subsite models

A maximum photon flux of 1. The key components of such a setup, namely, the gas-filled waveguides, laser windows, chirped mirrors for pulse compression and low dispersion mirrors for beam collimation, focusing, and beam steering are tested under high-average-power operation using a kilowatt cw laser. Physik sammeln und spezifische Dienste z.


We estimate fluorescence count rates of the order jeja tens per second, which would enable studies on short-lived isotopes as well. Kumullative mode propagation loss is the cornerstone of effective single-mode behavior in passive and core-pumped active PCFs.

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An ultrafast fiber chirped-pulse amplifier comprising eight coherently combined amplifier channels is presented. Gains or losses on fair value measurement of available-for-sale financial assets are recognized directly under other comprehensive income, [ Some of these require a high photon flux and megahertz repetition rates, for example, to avoid space charge effects in photoelectron spectroscopy. In fact, this would allow the emission of pulses with less than 20 optical cycles directly from a Tm-doped fiber system, something that seems to be extremely challenging for other dopants in a fused silica fiber.

An optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification system delivering pulses with more than 12 GW peak power is presented. Both the beam quality and the pointing stability are significantly increased at power levels of up to three times the mode instabilities threshold.

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Modern laser-based XUV light sources provide very high photon fluxes which have previously only been available at large scale facilities. This approach makes it possible to reduce the nonlinearities in the fiber and therefore to use total input peak power of about These systems enable operation at a high repetition rate of up to kHz and high average power in the extreme ultraviolet wavelength range via high harmonic generation in a gas jet.

We investigate these thermal effects in high average power OPAs based on beta barium borate. An ultrafast thulium-based fiber laser was employed to experimentally investigate ultrashort-pulse propagation through the atmosphere in a spectral region containing several strong molecular absorption lines.