Ali, Syed Qudrath A Study of development and performance of sulphur-based construction blocks. Send email to libitcor kfupm. As we take pride in our many successes, we recognize that the Libraries face many challenges. Al-Amoudi, Abdullah Saeed Air conditioners performance using soft starter. Ahmad, Rafi Engineering properties and mineralogical composition of expansive clays in Al-Qatif area K.

Ahmad, Syed Zafar Analysis of turbulent, axisymmetric, dense jets discharged to quiescent, uniform or stratified ambients. Al-Towailib, Hassan Saeed Comparative study of computational methods for the solution of the two-dimensional reservoir flow equations. Tiwana, Rizwan Ali A PC-based system for the determination of harmonics and intermodulation products in nonlinear circuits. Shafi, Ahmar Neural networks-based decision feedback equalization using lattice structure. Khursheed, Syed Saqib Test set compaction for sequential circuits based on test relaxation. Ahmad, Aftab Investigations on a flat, square plate at high incidence in a low speed flow.

Al-Ali, Mustafa Naser Ali Use of vibrator performance data to improve near-surface velocity determination.

Daud, Feroze Badruddin Design and analysis of a hierarchical, fault tolerant, multicomputer network. Iliyas, AbdulJelil Xylene stransformation over Y zeolite in a fluidized-bed reactor.

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El-Hassan, El-Aaoud Flavor conserving flavor changing radiative decays of vector mesons in Quark model. Ibrahim, Ahmed Aidid Separation process for the recovery of desalted water and chemical products from indigenous saline water resources.

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Al-Abdullatif, Umar Saleh Assessment of the onset condition of upward streamers from energized Franklin rods. Felemban, Mamdouh B Vibration analysis of point and column supported mindlin plates.


Fazil, Syed Integral methods for transpired boundary layer flow. Al-Naffouri, Tareq Yousef Adaptive filtering using the least-mean mixed-norms algorithm and its application to echo thwsis. Khan, Muhammad Kashif Saeed Automatic classification of speech and music in digitized audio.

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Al-Hasan, Ahmad Abdulwahab New issues and problems in the dirac equation and their solutions. Ibrahim, Ahmed Esmat Mahmoud Learning continuous functions using decision tree learning algorithms. Abdul Ghaffar, Jalal Mohammad Concurrency in interpolation based grid files. Port Controlled Hamiltonian Approach. Khan, Mohammed Zahed Mustafa Analysis of one and two dimensional bandgap structures using automated method of lines with arbitrary longitudinal discontinuities.

Al-Alawi, Jasem Role of parity violating Hamiltonian in-non-relativistic quark model for non-leptonic hyperon weak transitions. Ahmad, Abid Maqsood Development of an equivalent dispersion coefficient for a complex contaminant transport model. Al-Majid, Majid Jafar Method of lines analysis of Gaussian beam coupling to dielectric slab waveguide.

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kfupm thesis library

Al-Awami, Thesiis Adnan A framework for a reliable and fault-tolerant network management architecture. Hamid, Syed Halim Dearomatization of naphtha cuts from Saudi Arabian crudes using different selective solvents.

Muhanna, Abdullah Moosa Numerical investigation of laminar natural convection flows in obstructed vertical channels. Al-Ruwaihi, Khalid Mohammad Realization of a transceiver circuit based on a newly developed coding scheme.


Al-Busaad, Sami Ahmad Khalid Assessment of application of life cycle cost on construction projects. Syed, Juned Laiq Risk and hydraulic reliability analysis of water distribution systems.

Ahcom, Junaid A model for benchmarking contractors project management elements in Saudi Arabia. Magaji, Umar Thesiw Assessment of hydrogeological parameters from thin-section study of middle cretaceous sandstones.

kfupm thesis library

Fallatah, Gasem Mohammed Sulfide stress cracking of dissimilar metal welds. Muhammad, Mahmoud Abdul Raouf Analysis of the factors affecting the gelation time for polyacrylamide-redox system. Al-Hussain, Khaleel Ma’tuq Torsional vibrations analysis of a synchronous motor-compressor drive train.

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kfupk Fairag, Faisal Abdul-Karim Spectral characterization of trees. Al-Abeedi, Saad Saeed Adaptive forward error correction coding for diversity communication systems. Al-Lawati, Qasim Mohammed Real and reactive power wheeling cost based on the marginal cost theory.

Al-Baiyat, Abdulkhaleg Ali Bayesian prediction for the multiple linear regression model with first order auto-correlation. Akhtar, Mohammad Wasim Towards an optimal accumulator size for the Hough transform.

Ahmad, Jaber Shabib Salman Reduced order models for synchronous machines.