The music is complicated and restless, which reflects the sophistication and tenacity of the form. The master glared at the boys and they froze in place as if they were terrified of him. Apr 9, 4. Track 2 on CD, see appendix for notation Finally, I will assign three notes per move, thus raising the level of sophistication in my musical language to an actual harmonic progression because I have now created note groupings that can be classified as chords because they are three or more notes sounding simultaneously. My husband for his unconditional love and support, whether it was watching our kids for the hours I was at the studio training, or at a tournament; to the empathy at the bumps and bruises along the way; to the motivation to get to each finish line. Kenpo Karate and music. Black Belt, 7th Degree.

Am I spending enough time with my children, am I being a good wife? Black Belt, 7th Degree Title: Thanks for sharing Dennis. You have always made time to impart your karate knowledge with me. The only thing that would be considered a thesis is we have to write a sort of auto-biography about ourselves in the context of our training. This bass voice movement represents the addition of stance changes in Long 1 not present in Short 1.

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Black Belt Thesis – Jessica Stewart – Kenpo Women

I have never once asked you for help and have been denied. Keep in mind, I also wrote this quite a while back. Humbleness An aspect that is never taught in class but is experienced in class is karaet. Thank you for always being my punching bag, for always being there when I had a question, for always showing up at the studio or tournament when I needed you.


Search tags for this page. Keeping Children and Teenagers safe and Parents Sanehe calls it the wild brain. Not sure if others have to do that.

kenpo karate black belt thesis

Kenop in our martial arts training is essential as well. My musical background and faculties as a composer 3. Your Thesis Abstract must be presented to your instructor at least two weeks prior to testing. The first lesson was so empowering; the idea of not only being able to protect myself but my children, if necessary, was a mind-opening experience. Later, when graver, more serious decisions were presented to me, I had this sense to guide me.

Left outward ksnpo, angle change 5. The way to maintain balance is to make sure that your base leg is bent.

kenpo thesis

thesia Actually, I did more than one, but that’s a longer story. I consider this a great source of positive, creative thought, within the outline given by Mr. Kenpo moves are intended to be executed with an intent to defend oneself and inflict harm on your opponent.

kenpo karate thesis

Kwrate songs could even be used interchangeably or be applied to forms I did not use. I had gained a sense of independence and self-knowledge which perhaps would never have come otherwise. Each chapter should have a title, and begin on a new page. Punching and kicking, grappling, later using weapons, and just being there, made me want to go back for the next class. When retracting the knee, this allows for the person to either be set up to kick again, or to purposefully set down their foot in a manner in which they can have greater mobility.

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I learned more about Short Form 1 in my study of than any teacher could have ever have showed. This is the only intent of Kenpo moves, thus the perceived emotions created by Kenpo movements in the air are limited. Timing is such a key element to the successful practice of both art forms, because it is necessary to be both an effective martial artist and an effective musician.


Alpha Martial Arts | Black Belt Thesis: Joe McCarthy

For example, in both marital arts and music, even groupings such as two and four have a linear feel, while odd groupings such as three and five have a circular feel. I distinctly remember the first day I trained with them; I was awkward and confused while my classmates could move fluidly between the angles and blocks, and do their arkos thesiis sirkulos without hitting themselves across the face.

American Kenpo Karate humbles you, and teaches, that yes, we must be confident in our abilities, but we also must humbly accept our limitations, work around them to over come the obstacles in front of us. You hold yourself jarate such a high standard, not just in the karate studio or in training, but in life.

I was told we had to create 10 new techniques that, I think, had to be part of the thesis. I find it fascinating that once you teach someone a technique you learn something new or different from that technique. For an instructor or a student to voluntarily decide to spend a portion of time with someone is really something special.

kenpo karate thesis

If others would like to post their thesis’, that’d be cool.