See weblink for further information. Mediterranean Urbanization — B. The Frame in Classical Art: He previously studied at the University of Melbourne before coming to Cambridge in Does the sculpted girl speak to women too? He previously studied at Oxford before moving to Cambridge in The nature of Greek settlement in the West’ in N.

Tragedy, comedy and the polis Bari, Levante Editori 21—38 [reprinted in P. Martin Dinter at the conference Tattoo: Museum Closure on Mondays. He is interested in various aspects of the intellectual history of the later Roman Empire, including theology, philosophy, and political thought. Essays in honour of P.

kcl classics dissertation

The Object of Dedication: Boiotia in the Fourth Century. Greek Literature and Linguistics Her research examines the development of Atticism in connection with the production of dissertatioh in Hellenistic and Imperial age.

kcl classics dissertation

Not the Classical Ideal. He previously studied at Oxford before moving to Cambridge in From Greek to Roman: Landscape archaeology as long-term history.

My goal is to discover the ways in which Plato reacted to and reformed traditional Greek notions of the divine. His broader interests include epic, tragedy and satyr play, their reception in the post-classical period, and literary theory. Contact us Postal Address: Latin questions Paper 3: His broader research includes Indo-European linguistics and classical literature.


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Martin Dinter at the conference Tattoo: His PhD focuses on Aristophanic Comedy, specifically exploring the poetics of humour and the relationship between comic plays and theoretical writings about humour. An up-to-date schedule is available on Moodle. See weblink for further information. She is interested in the role of metaphor in ancient philosophy, from Plato to Augustine: Mediterranean Urbanization — B.

Authority and Interpretation in Augustine of Hippo Teresa examines theory and practice of interpretation in the treatises of Classocs of Hippo, with a particular focus on the interpretation of quotations from classical texts.

Ancient History Paper 8: Greek and Latin Language and Texts Papers Current MPhil Students Name: Short Oxford History of Europe, Vol.

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Greek and Latin Literature Group B: What if they jumped? Art, literature, philosophy and politics B.

kcl classics dissertation

Current PhD Students Name: Her interests include late antique centones, Rhetoric, and the city of Rome. Architectural Sculpture in the Greek World Oxford 2— Latin questions Paper 3: The assessment period for these modules is May-July Before coming to Cambridge inGeorge did his B.


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Cunliffe, Mediterranean Urbanization — B. Chora und Polis Munich pp. His PhD explores immanent concepts of tragic genre and the tragic in late Euripides, with a particular focus on monody and choral lyric.