Your email address will not be published. What am I supposed to do if my computer dies and I have to download all my files again? Most of their e-mail replies appear to be automatically generated which I find extremely arrogant. I used JustCloud for a couple of years before cancelling a while back. JustCloud just has too many issues: No answer from Just Cloud 2 Although I could see the names, file sizes and thumbnails of the files I could not restore on the Just Cloud server, they were gone. Customers are finding out, will find out, one by one as they attempt to restore a deleted file that the file is gone.

JustCloud have lost just about all of GB of my backed up data, in the form of , files and 17, folders. When I looked up my account, I actually still have 19 months of service available. Their standard support desk is completely useless. I recently purchased a new laptop to replace an aging model. Do I have to go through every individual photo and video and download them? So Let the buyer beware- switch before you spend tons of time fixing problems that should not be there in the first place. JustCloud is not intended for large businesses or for commercial applications that usually need a very robust backup plan, and instead it focuses more on consumer needs, which is reflected by their highly intuitive and user-friendly control panel that allows users to easily navigate through all the features of JustCloud and manage their file storage and backup needs on the go.


I contacted support and they got it working for about 1 hour. JustCloud has NOT bsiness for me. I was told I would have to delete items to continue backing up. They supposedly lost my data and then have been unable to restore it in 6 months. Jjustcloud Review JustCloud offers a disappointing experience that could possible turn disastrous. This means that in order to save any changes you make, you will need to manually add the file to JustCloud all over again.

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Hope others businses from my experience. If you value your data, get your backup service elsewhere. Both limit me to GB of storage. Totally useless and a scam. All of this leads me to think to myself:.

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The pros of JustCloud mostly revolve around bsiness user-friendliness and the flexibility it ensures for storing and backing up files:. Years of data lost. Do NOT use them. This is the most toxic company. The best way to decide is to sign up for their basic free plandownload the web app and test their user interface and features to see if they meet your requirements. That was more than a month ago. The cap is at G. Nobody is even trying to help. These guys are unethical and their business practices border on criminal.

This is now months and numerous e-mails ago and still none of my missing files are retrievable.

They cannot access my files from a previous computer even though the info says it is there. I have always used my external drive as my main documents drive, and in the beginning that was fine with ZipDrive. The software kept reporting complete successful backups time after time, week after week. After numerous attempts and with the assistance of JC Techs, I was told that my data was scrambled when they moved my data from one server to another.


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Now they just ask for money to renew my account. There excuse is a server migration has gone bad.

I have sent 3 emails so far requesting the cancellation but they are ignoring me. Starter Free 5 GB Storage. Overall, I would give the JustCloud backup service four out of five stars. So Really, does any one in the right mind want to risk downloading trojans with their backup software. It offers a hybrid of backup and cloud storage in a single application.

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It simply quit backing up any further. Have a new machine and no access to my previous laptop. It looks like JustCloud took notice of these complaints, because they have implemented a few changes and updates by adding more functionality to their services, improving their security bsuiness stability, which turned them into a more reliable cloud backup service for personal and small business use.

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