ITT is terrible and I wish I would have followed my gut instinct to pull out right after starting. I replied because you never responded back! Cut to when I graduated with my AAS degree, I started applying for work and none of the jobs I applied for ever gave me a thought. Also they made us mark all the students present even if they were not. Second mistake, he did not listen. The Hesi is not even a state required test. What they don’t tell you is that your degree is worthless out in the real world.

I worked at ITT for over 10 years. It is run by boardmembers that investors voted on. The ratio of what she makes and has to pay back is about the same as it is for me. I am currently an online student. They do not offer resources to help during the program that will help you become successful. To me you get what you put into it.

itt tech ceet capstone project

Many posts to this web site mention that they capstohe several good instructors within the ITT-Tech institution and don’t always blame the instructors. Maybe it was just the field that I studied and the fact that I made the most of my time there I know nothing about network systems, programming, etc.

BTW, have you no conscience?

It isnt given a chance. Like i said i never went back because i had a bad feeling about that school.

ITT – Tech Is A SCAM!!!!!!!!!! DON”T DO IT!

I have had no issues with paying my student loans or finding employment. I wonder if this person is aware that the litigation is the result of a federal investigation. My fiance is in ITT’s nursing Cohort 1 and what a nightmare. Finally, I gave in went to an interview.

ITT Technical Institute

I have written Congress about these loan companies projecy for Sallie Mae, and have added my comments to ITT Warriors whom are almost signatures close to filing a class action lawsuit. I would go to peoples homes, and interrogate some poor high school kid.


We had kids fresh out of high school who were just in class listening to music and guess what they didn’t turn deet anything and still passed the class. It will get you into trouble.

itt tech ceet capstone project

Almost two years wasted. Says more about the person than it does about ITT to me. I understand that she mentioned triggering attendance, but if we are on break, that should not be our responsibility. Turns out ITT does not teach Architectural.

The first year was pretty simple, but you learn the very basics.

ITT – Tech Is A SCAM!!!!!!!!!! DON”T DO IT! – ITT Technical Institute Jobs – Page 21 |

Obviously sending the DoE an email laced with profanity or ridiculous statements may not get you the results you want The person who commented said he had filed questions with the SEC but had received no response. He wasn’t allowed to teach in the Bachelor ECET classes because he only had a Bachelor degree of his own, and I remember being incredible upset about that because the instructors we had for the ECET program clearly didn’t projsct to be there, and were terrible as a result.

I actually had decent experiences with the teachers I had and learned some things that helped me along in my career. I am prject longer at the first job, but was offered positions with two other companies which were in the design field ltt well as another one as a field testing technician before starting where I have been for the past year and a half.


Based upon our most recent faculty meeting, the campus at which I taught was rated “satisfactory” by its accrediting agency.

Don’t think I just have a problem with the school because I’m not doing well, I’m a 4. I told them to cspstone it.

After about 11 months of math classes that I was essentially helping to teach, and programming classes where were were basically told to read the book and complete the exercises on our own, I realized that this place was a sham and a scam, and I wasn’t actually going to learn anything useful.

They can enroll cash paying students. I ended up getting caostone job driving trucks instead because I could not get any positions in electronics. My experiences were fantastic ones, and if there is anything left to say, it’s that I really miss my students and I literally cried when I heard they were having their degrees, which they worked hard to achieve, taken away and treated like they were worthless.

Itt Tech Ceet Capstone Project

In the end we apologized to each other and I agreed to be more patient with her and she agreed that she would be more helpful. She even went to the school herself and raised hell. I realize a lot of people have been burned. After returning the assignments, he would give us a failing grade, saying I never turned in my work.

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