Neither an aristocratic nor a priestly clique, their moral earnestness won them widespread respect among the people. The Oxford History of the Biblical World. Bridge Between the Testament: However, from the 55 K stenberger, Kellum, and Quarles, Anything, or anyone, that threatened the peace was subject to extreme scrutiny. Many Jews at this time were deeply influence by the intellectual and literary achievements produced by the Greeks. Davies, and John Sturdy.

When we look upon these ancient expressions in their original colors and hues without imposing our own predetermined, preconceived colors and hues upon them, the barriers for understanding them are broken down and suddenly their life struggles and triumphs become relevant and useful for our own day. Indeed, when we comprehend the flux of change in the eastern Mediterranean world over the course of five hundred years, our understanding of the New Testament will be enlarged as wide as the chasm that now marks the apparent emptiness between the Testaments. They reflect the cultural and religious battles taking place between various groups of Jews as they sought to develop a normative canon for belief and practice, which sometimes required exploration of their own beliefs and religious systems. Oxford University Press, The Cambidge History of Judaism.

This was not entirely novel for a Greek ruler except in what Antiochus IV demanded.

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This paper will now turn to the terminal years of the Second Temple Period by discussing the Roman occupation, Herod and his sons, and concluding with a focus on the catalyst provided by Roman government and the Pax Romana. The 15 Apocryphal books of the Old Testament are: Now that we have discussed one example of how Jewish world views changed from within let us return to the history of the eastern Mediterranean and discuss a few ways that outside influences changed the Jewish world.


There were, of course, those who felt that the future of Judaism lay along the lines of aggressive nationalism. From 76 to 67 BC, the Hasmonean throne was occupied by the only woman to be Queen. Salome Alexandra ruled after the death of her husband, King Alexander. Click here to sign up. Decades later when the Persians conquered Babylon, Cyrus decreed that the Jerusalem temple should be rebuilt ca.

intertestamental period research paper liberty university

Faithfully Witness of Christ Between the Testaments: We will tesearch look at the chronological flow of history between the post-exilic times to the New Testament world. Turn that one page.

The Persians looked upon this call to arms as a joke. One appealed to Rome for intervention, but the end result was Roman general Pompey occupying Jerusalem and annexing the region of Palestine as the Roman province of Judah. Recent Resource Comments Mormon Did anything happen at all?

intertestamental period research paper liberty university

Despite being on the losing side of the conflict, Herod was able to repair his relationship with Rome and pledged his loyalty to the undisputed Roman emperor. Thanks, Taylor, for providing such a wonderful resource!

Jewish Backgrounds of the New Testament. Skip to main content. Second Temple Period- Final.

Between the Testaments: An Invitation to Explore the Intertestamental Time Period

Concordia Publishing House, Herod the Great grew more and more paranoid and disliked by his subjects as time passed. Beginning with its conquest of Europe and the Greek influence abroad, the Hellenization of the Holy Land extended beyond this period.


Decoding the Literary Record. The nearly years of previous history set the stage for Roman rule in Judea.

These continued the tradition of the Hasidim of Maccabean days, that group whose zeal for the law had allowed no compromise with Hellenism. These writings, which comprise portions of the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, were not meant to replace the authority of the Bible but rather offer exciting new vistas on an old, yet vibrant faith.

What we discover, however is that culture was vibrant, religion was compelling, and politics were divisive just as they are in our own day. Antipater was rewarded for his loyalty and elevated to the position of Procurator.

The canonization process likely began for some Old Testament books before the Babylonian redearch BCbut the process was heightened during and after the captivity for two reasons.

Decoding the Literary Record, New York: Bridge Between the Testament: Jews were allowed freedom to practice their religious traditions and ceremonies, and even maintained a level of self rule as a subordinate temple state led by the high priest. Texts and Documents Philadelphia: Though religiously more strict than the Sadducees, they were in another pwriod less conservative.