Canada is committed to building a more peaceful and secure world. Number of activities supported by Canada that demonstrated a positive impact on peace-related processes. For example, LES training was previously offered only at headquarters four times annually in groups of twenty for two weeks of training. Americas International Assistance Degree to which Canadian positions on international legal issues are reflected in the outcome of discussions and negotiations, such as agreements, arrangements and resolutions.

Sustainable Development Technology Canada, https: Through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives CFLI , Canada will continue to support small-scale, local development projects such as those that promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, and champion inclusive and accountable governance. Canadians abroad receive timely and appropriate government services. The department provided policy research and economic and financial updates to relevant decision-makers on key issues related to international economy, foreign affairs and international development. The department supports global peace and stability and addresses international security threats such as terrorism, transnational organized crime, arms control and the proliferation of weapons and materials of mass destruction.

Global Affairs Canada responds to crises by funding experienced humanitarian partners UN agencies, the Red Cross Movement and non-governmental organizations and by deploying relief supplies and technical experts.

Departmental Plan 2018-19

Through the Canada Fund for Integarted Initiatives CFLICanada will continue to support small-scale, local development projects such as those that promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, and champion inclusive and accountable governance. The costs of sourcing products, inventory and shipping can add up quickly.

In terms of the performance of CFSI, its services received a generally positive review from clients.

integrated corporate business plan dfatd

To address this, the department introduced enhanced communications, training measures and regular monitoring and reporting on participation to senior management. Global Affairs Canada will carry out targeted advocacy initiatives with a focus on free trade; border facilitation and security; cooperation on energy infrastructure and security; and advancing climate change action, particularly at the sub-national level.

Ensuring a comprehensive and integrated plan would allow the department to document management needs and allow for prioritization of projects leading to effective utilization of resources. This internal audit flowed from the Preliminary Survey of Business and Management Infrastructure and is one of a series of resulting cascading internal audits. To further this, the department worked to provide long-term institutional support to key humanitarian assistance partners, ensuring continued capacity to deliver humanitarian assistance in an ever-evolving global political and environmental context.


Evaluation of the Canadian Foreign Service Institute – FINAL REPORT

Through this program, DFATD delivers commercial services and advice to Canadian businesses and supports its pursuit of international business opportunities. Since the evaluation began, the following findings were also addressed: For example, the department assisted with the departure of Canadians and eligible persons from Gaza to Jordan during the closure of the embassy and worked closely with the Public Health Agency of Canada on consular evacuation planning options for Ebola-affected countries.

National Accommodation management team confirmed that due to lack of operational objectives and plans, service delivery is client driven, as opposed to a top-down departmental approach. Geopolitically, the balance of power is expected to be increasingly, and unevenly, distributed across the globe. They also process contracts for Temporary Help Services. An enduring function or role performed by a department. Each evaluation question, as well as sub-questions and indicators for each of the five core issues, are elaborated upon in Appendix 3.

Documents analyzed included strategic and work planning documents, annual reports, information and data on CFSI course offerings, and client evaluations of course offerings. In addition, resources were realigned from programs 3. A review of existing spreadsheets and other tools being used by the different Divisions of HAD has been initiated by the DG to ensure consistent approach and identify gaps.

Acronyms and Abbreviations Executive Summary 1. Percentage of partner organizations, indicating the resources, infrastructure, and services provided abroad met their needs.

Evaluation of the Canadian Foreign Service Institute – FINAL REPORT

DFATD delivered 14 lectures to key audiences, held over 25 events with subject matter experts, developed four policy papers, prepared monthly highlights of development research, responded to research inquiries and completed manuscripts on Canadian Arctic policy and Canada’s historical response to state fragility.


International Policy Coordination 2. Comprehensive and reliable information about procurement and contracting is also important to the department’s planning function, given the activity’s important role in supporting the department in fulfilling its mandate.

integrated corporate business plan dfatd

This course is usually the last recommended course for those completing the FITTskills series. While an overall procurement plan does not exist for the department, some individual groups involved in delivering services have produced plans for their areas. To strengthen financial management, Global Affairs Canada is improving its decision-making and investment activities by linking allocation dfatx with risk assessments, performance information and evaluation findings, and by providing its employees and partners with clearer guidance around the appropriate use of funds.


Departmental Performance Report

Partnerships and Development Innovation There is potential for lessons to be applied from the strategic reorientation process that the former-CIDA undertook to update its learning and training services. It includes formal and informal activities, and it refers to the methods, programs, tools, techniques, and assessment systems that support human development at the individual level in organizations. Ib history paper 3 sample essay.

Enhanced tools, such a salary forecasting tool, were also put in place to improve financial management of funds. Given that innovation will play a bbusiness in achieving Agenda for Sustainable Development, the department will continue to support innovative finance, climate-smart agriculture and innovative, buiness approaches in the area of health, and leverage best practices for scaling up and measuring impact while taking into account gender equality.

Number of concluded commercial agreements facilitated by the Trade Commissioner Service. The number of potential investors who attended investment-specific events amounted to 3, and a larger proportion of potential investors increased their awareness of potential investment opportunities within Canada 95 percent, up from 92 percent.