Limited to 50 per year. The grant will be released at the end of the course on production on documents listed at 2. Objective scoring would be used to assess the applications with respect to:. Forms and other details can be downloaded from ICMR website http: Why can’t doctors charge fees based on the same formula of compensation if the doctor saves a life? Peer review is a strong feature of ICMR for both adhoc and task force projects. The report will be evaluated at ICMR and the Council reserves the right to approve or disapprove a report.

Research staff, Equipment, Contingencies, Travel, Overheads. Forms and Other Details: Mechanism of implementation and monitoring. The fellowship can be terminated at any time on a month’s notice if the progress of work is not satisfactory or on receipt of an adverse report from the Guide. These fellowships are published on ICMR website. Praveen Kumar B has not filled out their experience. The value of the studentship will be Rs.

This scheme is not linked with any other research capacity building schemes under which the students are in receipt of stipend etc. The candidate will acknowledge the assistance provided by ICMR for any publication emerging out of this thesis. Priority will be given to the applications with research proposals on the above mentioned topics, research outcomes of which can be used for translating them into tangible products useful for the society and country.

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A scientist with outstanding achievements and recognition in a given field can approach ICMR with a specific proposal. There are areas at the cutting edge of science such as molecular medicine, genomics, immunology, which have revolutionized knowledge for finding rapid diagnostics, vaccines, new drug targets and other therapeutic measures. Proposals are received throughout the year on the prescribed format, which can be obtained on request from the Director-General, ICMR. The Director General Attention: Praveen Kumar B liked a comment.


A maximum contingent grant of Rs. The short term studentship is non-transferable and cannot be given to another student in the event of a student not accepting it after getting approval.

This programme is not open to students of paramedical courses. For assistance from Foreign Foundations. Financial Support The Council would provide a total support for 5 years duration to the selected candidates ‘on the condition’ that the candidate would provide following documents to the Council. These task force projects are formulated taking into consideration the national priority areas of research.

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The purposes of these agreements have been for: The research techniques and methodology providing an opportunity to the student to familiarize with, may also be indicated and described briefly. Further extension up to a maximum period of three years, one year at a time, may be granted in deserving cases depending on the programme of research work undertaken and on the recommendation of the Selection Committee till the age of 65 grabt is attained. The highlights of scheme are as follows: Twenty fellowships would be awarded for work with emphasis on social sciences like psychology, sociology, home science, statistics, environmental sciences, anthropology and social work.

An undertaking to the effect that the funds received from the Council will be used strictly for the purpose for which it has been brant and; In the event of leaving this scheme without completing the programme the whole amount will be remitted to the council with suitable justifications. Why can’t doctors charge fees based on the same formula of compensation if the doctor saves a life? The highlights of scheme are as follows:. The application form can be obtained from the following address can also be downloaded from the ICMR website: Procedure for Selection The scheme would be widely publicized though advertisement in leading news papers, circulars to the medical institutions and ICMR website once a year.


icmr md/ms thesis grant

Proposals are to be prepared using ICMR format which is available on the website. On completion, two copies of detailed report on the work done by the candidate, giving an introduction, review of literature, aims and objectives, material and methods, results and grat, discussion, conclusions, summary and bibliography, should thesi submitted to the Chief, Division of BMSICMR, New Delhi, through the guide. The Emeritus Medical Scientist shall be paid an honorarium of Rs.

The prescribed format of the concerned Foundation is to be used. Research staff, Equipment, Contingencies, Travel, Overheads.

To granf the objective of building up of a highly skilled pool of biomedical researchers in all aspects of biomedical research including basic, applied, epidemiological and clinical sciences, the ICMR has embarked upon an International fellowship programme for capacity strengthening of scientists of our country.

icmr md/ms thesis grant

Financial support is provided by the Council in all areas related to health and biomedical sciences. Docplexus Online Services Pvt. The grant will be released at thesia end of the course on production on documents listed at 2. Detailed Fellowship rules are given in Application form.

It will be done through written competition followed by interview. At least some percentage of fees using this formula? The activities could focus on tnesis or multiple aspects like causation, progression, management, and prevention.