Our Advisers can provide verbal comparisons without any cost; this will allow you to make an informed decision about whether to apply for a written Statement of Comparability. Please kindly help me…. I did 82 credit hours and then came to london. I am have completed diploma in electrical engineer 3 year course as well as I have completed 2 year course electrical service technician in India. Please note there is an additional postage charge payable; please see the delivery options page for further details. Hello, my name is Andreea ,I am from Romania and I need an soc for my qualifications in 3 fields a Bachelor degree in Foreign Languages, a Post high school diploma asPharmacy assistant and a Post secondary nurse Diploma as registered nurse.

Your English is not so bad but we can improve your Grammar. English Language Assessment — to confirm whether your degree has been taught solely in English and meets the required level of English language proficiency CEFR level C1. Advice on teaching or entering the teaching profession is available from the NCTL who oversee the teaching profession in the UK. Telephone Email: I suggest you follow this link in order to find an answer to your query http:

Electronic engineering is not a regulated profession in the UK and UK higher education institutions can use their our discretion about what qualifications can be used when applying for fod course. I want statement of comparability for this….

how to write a cover letter for uk naric

UK NARIC do offer a Statement of Comparability service which can help you to have your qualification better understood in the UK and is often used by employers and organisations to make a more informed decision when reviewing your overseas award. Narick please help me!

how to write a cover letter for uk naric

HI I want to send my qualifications to uk naric. On this basis, no comparability can be provided nor is it needed so as previously confirmed, we are regrettably unable to help on this occasion. You may wish to contact hoow office on where we can normally provide further information.


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Pakistan has a large and complex education system. If you are interested in clarifying your statement further please see our application procedures for further details. Details about our services can be found at http: Unfortunately we are unable to comment on lettter or institutions on our social media accounts.

how to write a cover letter for uk naric

UK NARIC is the National Agency responsible wrie providing information and advice about vocational, academic and professional skills and qualifications from all over the world.

Details including how to apply for a statement of comparability can be found here: Hello I have done B. It is worth noting however, that the comparison is not a reflection of your individual marks but rather how an education system compares with that in the UK.

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A Statement of Comparability while frequently used by employers and for education is not a compulsory document nor is it binding and is an advisory document based on the research conducted by UK NARIC. The course was abit more than two years. I have my Masters degree from India. We have spoken to the UK Home Office about whether it could be used to support an application for settlement and naturalisation in the UK and we are awaiting a reply.

The first thing I need to point out is that the assessment is correct: But how I can find out what english course I should take? You will need to apply for a Statement of Comparability, please visit our website for more details. Here is the list as of Unfortunately we are not able to discuss individual cases on a public forum such as thishowever please call our enquiry team on t: I look forward to brand new updates and will share this blog with my Facebook group.

You have to present all your previous certificates and degrees for proof but you need to pay only for the degree of masters,dars wat i did in my case. All the details about our services and how to apply can be found at http: Replacements are available there is a reduced charge for replacements however we may have to see your documents again depending on how long ago your statement was completed.


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I did all the leg work for you. Answers to frequently asked questions for this service can also be found here: I have attached the current top performing schools in the country and have actually got a list of prestigious universities you have in your system this list was from 3 years ago and to my surprise two or more on the list were not even on the list of top performing schools plus they have a low passing percentage of examinees in the National Nursing Board exam.

Covef however, are still worth highlighting to potential employers alongside your experience for consideration to help them to make an informed decision. I just wanted to know if this diploma is equivalent to the nursing diploma in Uk?

We would recommend that you direct this enquiry to the university where you would like to do your Dor as they will be the ones responsible for deciding whether or not you meet their criteria. I have done some childcare and education ldtter like NVQ Level 2 and 3 and been working with children for over 6 years. Please note there is an additional postage charge payable. I am unable to get Equivalence Letter in my own country.