Interpreters Video full 1pp 8pp. Lost on the Moon. Mutable Functions Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Ordered Sets Video full 1pp 8pp Functions Video full 1pp 8pp Week 12 Staff Resources.

Higher-Order Functions Video full 1pp 8pp Macros Video full 1pp 8pp For example, repeated square, 3 42 evaluates to square square square Homework questions Question 1: Distributed Data Video full 1pp 8pp Week 3 Class Material. Week 12 Staff Resources.

homework 4 cs61a

Exceptions Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Show how to implement filter using mapreducebasic operations on tuples, and possibly lambda. Week 15 Class Material. Iterators Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Week 4 Class Material.

Homework 2 Solutions | CS 61A Summer

Week 6 Class Material. Scheme Video full 1pp 8pp Week 7 Class Material.

Week 1 Staff Resources. Tail Calls Video full 1pp 8pp Newton’s Method Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Week 17 Class Material.

Tree Recursion Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Week 3 Class Material. Make Adder with a Lambda Question 4: Devise a function that counts the number hkmework palindromic words those that read the same backwards as forwards in a list of words using only these functions, lambdabasic operations on strings, and conditional expressions.


homework 4 cs61a

Tail Recursion and Interpreters. Tree Recursion Video full 1pp 8pp Show how to use this to take a yomework consisting of a sequence of words and to return the same words, but with the beginnings of sentences capitalized: Any tuples among those values should also become rlists. Week 4 Staff Resources.

Week 8 Class Material. Week 2 Staff Resources.

CS61A Homework 04

Week 12 Staff Resources. Tree Recursion and Data Abstraction.

homework 4 cs61a

Trees Video full 1pp 8pp Streams Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Indeed, any number of sequences may be combined in this fashion. Function Examples Video full 1pp 8pp When n is 0, the result is x; when n is 1, the result is f x ; when n is 2, f f xetc.

CS 61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Orders of Growth and Linked Lists. Representation Video full 1pp 8pp If a value parameter or result is supposed to be an rlist according to the problem, assume that all tuples and null values None in it are rlists. Final Review Slides Exam Prep Week 14 Class Material. Implement a sorting function on tuples css61a strings, just using reducemaplenfilterlambdaand homewok repeat function.


This is an extension of one of the lab exercises: