Also, make mental note of the “HESI Hint” boxes in each section–for some reason I found a lot of this information really helpful on the actual test. I went on amazon to order it but it keep this online kit access code Thanks so much for your help. All answers are correct. Recently Browsing 0 members No registered users viewing this page.

Here is a breakdown of each section: Problem Solving Refers to the process of inquiry in which the nurse seeks multiple facts to remove obstacles or resolve patient care problems 2. The reading, vocab, and grammar is also just like the study guide. Sign in with LinkedIn. How many questions is the critical thinking section only? If I had known beforehand that this was a section I would need to take, I would have definitely studied for it.

This uesi set as a wonderful collection of questions formatted as you would see them on the exam: Or sign in with one of these services.

Wow, I just took the CT exam, and I’m surprised that the questions 5 years after the original post seem almost the same. Great advice, thank you. It’s obvious from my scores that I needed more knowledge regarding Analysis of Data and Argument Analysis. Yes i have no medical allnursex, this section seem difficult for me. Jan 4, by jshanice Was that true when you took it?


Hesi A2 V 1 With Critical Thinking Exam – 865330

Also try using cliffnotes! Know what hormones do what, and pay close attention the reproductive system. I take mine in October and was really freaking out! Open An Account To Comment. Dec 28, by katrinad.

Hesi A2 Critical Thinking – HESI Entrance Exam / Exit Exam Help – allnurses

Getting the fundamental of nursing book helped Tremendously! Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Google.

hesi a2 critical thinking allnurses

Overall, I scorednot the highest, but good enough. I completed the hesi not sure where the critical score is i saw I made an but now showing on my paper profile page is this separate.

Since all answers are correct and places you in a category of CT does this help or affect your final score? Was everyone given paper and alpnurses Rehema 16 Jan Reply.

hesi a2 critical thinking allnurses

Mar 1, by Witty3RN. There are no right or wrong answers on these sections, so just respond honestly and don’t stress. Prioritization of patient care is not listed, but I think the title is very descriptive.

My HESI A2, Critical Thinking Result

Just review and know how to work all math problems in the study guide and you should do thinknig. I’m not completely sure myself.


Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Someone on another post suggested a practical nursing book, but I didn’t have a chance to find alnurses and study it.

I just a had a quick question of any of y’all happen to know. Also, congrats on your great score!

hesi a2 critical thinking allnurses

If a patient just got a cast on their lower leg, and it became very painful, the first thing I’d check is their their toes to make sure there crutical adequate circulation. For those who studied out of that book, are there sections I should focus on more? Thanks everyone in advance!!!! The two editions are nearly identical except that the third edition contains an algebra section and color drawings!

Thanks for calming my nerves. Do you remember any of the question on the critical thinking part or the format?