Leal, BA Political Science , 1. Mariano Renato Pacifico says: Let this be a reminder of the stories of our fallen and living heroes, soldiers and teachers alike, who persevered in their education to secure a decent life for their families. Rather like that patriotic oath, put into place in and retained until today. Luistro is a browned skin pigsnout Filipino graduate from la Salle telling his nemesis, University of the Philippines to stop running naked!!!!! Efforts are also underway to get all out-of-school kids back into the classroom. But he definitely lacks eyes that sees the reality — for he is an elite himself.

Mendoza, BA Public Administration with a grade of 1. Chan, BS Computer Science, 1. Dear graduates, as you turn a new leaf towards the achievement of your dreams, bear in mind the values and lessons you have learned throughout your stay in school. With regards to the new curriculum, its main aim is to further improve the quality of education in the country through enhancing and improving the subjects taught at school. Critics say that its implementation could only worsen the issue on education in the country. As this year’s graduates leave their schools, they were reminded to become better Filipinos, practicing acceptance, tolerance and peace. Calma and Tiffany Grace C.

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And humility, I suppose. The high student to teacher ratio creates a scenario where the teacher can all but choose mechanical and not enough logical. Some believe that the K implementers did not take into consideration the issue on the inadequacy of facilities and other materials. The ideal way is to read something and then explain it in your own words or analyze and find ways to improve upon them.


graduation speech of armin luistro 2015

Set a better example. It is a clearing house for knowledge and insights. They are product of circumstances. Benefits of the K to 12 Program of the Department of Education. The K will not only improve the quality of education but also the lives of Filipinos. I remember what my college professor told us in teaching history why is there a need to let students memorize the exact time or date or spech place where it happened?

graduation speech of armin luistro 2015

Page after page of problems, maybe 50 additions or subtractions to the page. I can imagine, Orlando. In addition, firms may not be able to accommodate the large number of high school graduates who may want to apply for a job.

2014 Graduation Message – DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro (English and Filipino)

On the other hand, why put certain value on the foolish act of some stupid people and take it against the entire studentry? My appreciation goes out to the teachers, school administrators, staff, and parents who have supported and walked with our graduates to reach this milestone.

It comes in all shapes and forms literally. I think the hearings were watched too narrowly and did not get wide attention. The lack of accountability among the powerful starts with weak institutions that create personality based shortcuts on process.

DepEd: Graduation Theme and Message of Sec. Br. Armin Luistro FSC – Balita Boss!

Hong Kong legislator slams move to bar Morales. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And then send the best educators working for Sec Luistro to observe how s;eech Illinois public high schools and 3 Catholic high schools administer their programs. However, although some people still cannot see its relevance, reforms in the educational luisfro is very much needed in the country.


Does he understand he has a choice, to praise young people who are literate on the internet. You have just laid where our goals should be at as nation and as a highly viable society. Somehow I think knowledge has to have an inner buy-in and that is what is being missed with authoritarian style education.

graduation speech of armin luistro 2015

Education Secretary Armin Luistro stressed this in his graduation message where he urged graduates to live not just for themselves but also for others. July 9, at 4: Begin biggest revolution in education.

You and Orlando have exactly the same view of the perverse outcomes of going through motions instead of grasping why real education is important, and how people in power affect kids.

To find out more, please click this link. He could have inspired them ggaduation giving a speech about doing something — regardless of how easy or hard it is or if whether it will solve or not a problem — that is relevant in the way they live and how they pursue the life they wanted.

DepEd secretary to 2015 graduates: Education gave you skills, pursue your dreams

As a result to this, graduates who cannot pursue college will in turn be jobless thus, making the program not beneficial at all. How can Makati afford to maintain sister city networks and yet cannot completely improve the poor people of his own city? July 10, at gtaduation