Help Center Find new research papers in: But because of the everyday and frequent use of the code in parlors, sidewalks, comedy bars and other places where gays frequently hang out. This language define the Philippine gay culture, and it would probably stay that way for quite a while. Remember me on this computer. Here in the Philippines, they called the term, “Swardspeak” or “Gay Lingo”.

Those who would hear or read Filipino gay slang for the first time feel like they are deciphering a Da Vinci Code. The general term for a male is kuyey and for the female, atey and its variants, e. Specifically it will answer the questions: As the study was conducted in a setting of a Philippine state university, the diversity of the queer language of the Filipinos was studied on its development and characteristic variations. For the society as a whole, this study may serve in a way to understand and accept the speech of queer community in hope for a wider knowledge and appreciation established the male homosexuals. Nowadays it is one of the most prominent kinds of language that most of the youth rather people engaged to.

It has transformed from one medium of communication to another, able to adapt to challenges technologies have ushered us in.


Filipino gays are mostly stereotyped as effeminate, crossdressers, hairdressers, Gay Lingo Swardspeak. The diversity and richness of the assemblage of terms that are collected and used to create the pool of swardspeak is as diverse as the langue naturelle of Filipinos.

The ways in which language and people change open areas for improvement, bring about hope for an equal tomorrow and challenge the present to look towards a brighter future. Swardspeak as a language regards hierarchies as a means to exploit gender.

Filipino gay lingo started out with replacing certain words with another. Since the s, Tagalog, the mother lode of Filipino, What are the implications of Philippine gay lingo? Thesis sa gay lingo – planning-group. Philippine News for the Filipino Global Community Let’s talk baklese the lingo was spoken by the gay men of the olden times to convey messages.


It may be that a day will come when we no longer talk about sex or gender, race or ethnicity, sexuality or normative behavior, because the indifference filipin which we should treat socially constructed hierarchies will be no more; Identities will come from within and we will have the chance to define and redefine, time and time again, the relevant meanings of all things in an every changing world.

One, it is a way of fictioning the nation. Skip to main content. However, with its current user base, it is not exclusive to the mentioned population. However, it is also a battle against the norm or the status quo.

gay lingo thesis filipino

For the individuals who seek sympathy and insights related to the queer language and its miscellany, this study is an open book for them to learn more of their identity and accept gay speak as a colorful language. Tagalog Gay Lingo va. In creating the common tongue among Filipino gay men, the biggest consideration is for the message to be concealed. Words in any language depend on the context for meaning.

This is also a means of defying the cultural norms and creating an identity of their own. Aside from this, the owner of the account has also uploaded videos in Youtube bernjosepstarting three years ago, with a couple of them breaching thehits mark.

A set of gay vocabulary is determined by the social class the user belongs to, since many if not all filipinoo the words created or modified in gayspeak is from another language.

Ibahagi sa Twitter Ibahagi. By these characteristics, swardspeak creates a dissident group without any ties to geographical, linguistic, or cultural restrictions, thus allowing its speakers to shape the language as appropriate to the times.


It has successfully, though not completely, hurdled waves of discrimination. Thus identities become orientation points in processes of inter- and intra-contextual identity linto.

gay lingo thesis filipino

It had tried to break away from the dualistic perspective of life — heaven and hell, black and white, man and woman. We are faced daily with the strength of the inequality and oppression of days gone by, each memory a result of a word, a concept, a piece of legislation that permitted, forced or guides the actions of a social being.

Create your fhesis Gay lingo prevents us from saying or using explicit words, this is just another phase in Filipino culture. Click here to sign up.

gay lingo thesis filipino

These dialects are rich sources of several words and phrases that the gay community in the Filipibo incorporated in their own dynamic language. If this is an exclusive language, people who identify as gay should automatically understand the word and language patterns of this language.

gay lingo thesis filipino

What Filipinno means is, gay language does not rely on only people who identify as homosexual. A sociolinguistic approach to problems of language and interaction target the aspects of social problems that give people a common basis to understanding and communicating with each other Chambers, ; Fasold, Language as part of culture can be used by society as a means to maintain gender inequality, through power relations, which is both repressive and oppressive.

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