Wilson states that now Literature degenerated into mere journalism into mere tools of propaganda to be used nu the government for its own socio-economic purposes. The confusion in the leftist camp is because they are unable to find out whether they want short range or long range literature. Marxist critics without any knowledge in literature try to lay down rules and formulas according to which works of literature should be written. Great works were first produced and the rules and principles were formulated later. They believed in the renaissance ideal of complete man, of his many sidedness, of the perfection which is achieved by the participation in varied activities. Marxist thinkers, with the help of Trotsky try to find Marxist elements in the great classical works of other countries. But all these critics responded artistically to art.

But Lenin who occupied a central role in the Russian Revolution of , believed in such specialization. He said that both proletarian culture and proletarian literature would be dangerous things because they would incorrectly compress the culture of future into the narrow limits of the present day. Great classical literary works are not created as examples of bourgeois decay but as medium of great educational value. When this work was in progress, Wilson became disillusioned with Marxism as it was preached and practised under the dictatorship of Stalin. A great writer will never create any work on the basis of certain ideologies, it may unconsciously happen. In other words, democratic values are not the monopolies of Marxism; they are a world-wide phenomenon in this age of the common man.

Edmund wilson’s essay marxism and literature summary

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edmund wilsons essay marxism and literature

So their attempt for the interpretation of works of art is wrong. The essayist says that Lenin has tremendous administration for Tolstoy.

edmund wilsons essay marxism and literature

Their actual aim is to transform literature into an effective tool for protecting communist ideologies. But even Lenin was fond of poetry, fiction and theatre.

The exponents of these higher activities constitute groups with their own standards and values which divide the society into different classes. Engels warned socialist novelists against ideologically committed literature. Both Marx and Engels were susceptive to the emotional appeal of art and literature.

Edmund Wilson discusses whether proletarian literature grows along with social revolution. They believed in the Renaissance ideal of the complete man, the different aspects of man which accomplishes perfection through participation in varied activities. Aparna Thomas Njarakkatt 3 April at Newer Post Older Post Home. Wilson says that it is wrong because the country which has produced the Leaves of Grass and Huckleberry Finn has no influence of Marxism they were created during their pioneering periods.

Unknown June 27, at 8: When Stalin came to power the liberalism was choked out of existence and he destroyed the followers of liberalism. Marxism can throw valuable light on the social origins and social significance of a work of art or literature.

Edmund Wilson was deeply influenced by Marxism. Great classical literary works are not ajd as examples of bourgeois decay but as medium of great educational value.

English Literature: Marxism and Literature: Edmund Wilson

These terms compress the culture of the future into the narrow limits of the present. It is not a philosophical or theoretical but also a potent force for social change. We see that when Lenin died and Trotsky was exiled, and a number of voices speaking for liberalism in matters of art and culture were also silenced. Thus the interaction is reciprocal. Marxist critics try to make literature as an litearture tool in the class struggle.


Indu C July 9, at 8: Art degenerated into a mere instrument of state policy, a weapon of communist propaganda. He studies the influence of Marxism on literature and traces in this essay the history of Marxist literary theory as it was carried out by Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and a number of other critics. Marx used to say that poets are originals and must wileons allowed to go their own way. Lecture notes for M.

Posted by drsreekumarenglishliterature at In great works of art esssay much more implied than what is explicitly stated.

Edmund wilson’s essay marxism and literature summary

He was himself specified as an organizer and fighter. Art and literature were degenerated into mere weapons of communist propaganda. Towards the conclusion, the author says that the democratic values—sympathy for the poor—is not the monopolies of Marxist alone.

edmund wilsons essay marxism and literature

According to him they never believed that art and literature are conditioned and determined by social and economic standards. Inhe started a work on the Russian Revolution— To the Finland station.