Taking the lessons learned from the development of these applications into account, this project aims at a process-driven approach for defining, validating, deploying, processing, and analyzing questionnaires based on generic tools. Each event is associated with a stream of affective states that may vary in intensity from moment to moment within a single episode. Railway business can be divided in passenger and cargo traffic, i. Das ist doch ganz leicht! The rationale behind the strategy is to generate long-term sales volume by reducing the time between repeat purchases.

Examples are widespread and range from telecommunication providers offering phone, mobile and TV solutions to season subscriptions for sports events. Afterwards, a deep-dive into the technique of menu-based conjoint analysis is required. In other public or formerly public services like telephone, electricity, and consumer gas supply, maintenance of water supply and sewage disposal systems responsiveness of service provider is a competitive priority and hence an important element for creating value for the customer. Duft, Sean Development of a generic concept to process questionnaire result data in different statistical applications. Das Format ist fast das gleiche wie bei jeder wissenschaftlichen Arbeit, sei es Hausarbeit oder Bachelorarbeit. International Service Network Expansion.

Punctuality is an important topic in railway scheduling. Furthermore, they point out that the whole Airline Crew Scheduling Problem is split in two subproblems: Different parameters like customer satisfaction or experiences from former service encounters may have an impact on length and strength of such a relationship. Therefore it could be very helpful to have further information about the passengers travel plans.

How do I write an empirical thesis as a bachelor’s or master’s thesis?

Stochastic Location Models with Congestion for mobile servers Stochastic location models are facility location models where consumers generate streams of stochastic demands for service and service times are stochastic. Funding Supported by funds from the program “Research initiatives, intrastructure, network and transfer plattforms” in the framework of the DFG Excellence Initiative – Third Funding Line.


Traditional methods of product design can only be adapted to some extent — leading to the establishment of service design as a research field. Also, tourists while selecting a restaurant are more confident about the restaurant in terms of quality, if it has longer wait times. What is the current state of research in these areas and what are potentials topics for future research?

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Railway Timetable Adaptions by Optimizing Stopping Patterns Railway operators create timetables for customer needs and in regard to the infrastructure of train lines.

Consider the problem faced by a seller who owns a fixed and perishable set of resources that are sold thesi a price sensitive population of buyers. Nevertheless, further concepts or ideas from other disciplines could strongly enhance the value of this thesis.

Additionally, an illustrative example should be provided to show the practical applicability in a realistic situation.

datenerhebung bachelor thesis

Time is short, you have to create a questionnaire or evaluate an interview. While the assignment of flight legs to aircraft should be feasible due to the fleet assignment, the challenge is to include all required maintenance events for each individual aircraft.

datenerhebung bachelor thesis

In the literature exist rerouting models for aircraft as well as for railways. Note on cookies We use cookies to improve performance and enhance the user experience for the visitors to our website. Virtual reality techniques may be of interest in this context putting the customer in an active role instead of a passive hachelor.

datenerhebung bachelor thesis

Zu Beginn werden die Grundlagen der Forschung und des wissenschaftlichen Schreibens vorgestellt. Using verbal representations, 2D or 3D models as well as prototypes each discipline takes advantage of this technique differently. This bacheoor leads to congestion.

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Bei Produkten wird dieser Nutzen mit Hilfe der Conjoint-Analyse gemessen, die einen weitverbreiteten Ansatz im Bereich der multiattributiven Nutzentheorie darstellt. Dein Vorhaben braucht ein Konzept. Und mit unseren Experten steht deinem Erfolg nichts mehr im Weg.


Robust timetable optimization for railways Railways are often confronted with disturbances that cause delays which make it impossible to keep the original timetable.

The objective of the thesis is to review the pricing models in RM and new potential directions of research. So much has already been researched. To achieve these goals both qualitative e. Du kannst den Schreibprozess so organisieren, dass du Teile des Geschriebenen schon vor der Zeit dem Professor vorlegst. Furthermore, an example should be developed to demonstrate how the approach can be used to solve the capacity allocation problem.

Convenience in Service Industry In highly competitive businesses, offering similar services or products, the service provider needs to strengthen its position in the market with respect to its competitors; by offering a unique and convenient service experience. Allocation of Customer demand to Service Facilities in Inventory Location Models In inventory location models, the service providers decide on locations of facilities subject to stochastic demand and the amount of inventory to be held at each facility.

Literature review on transportation planning process aiming for environmental impact reduction. Provide academic examples from the datensrhebung industry to support the findings of the thesis. Railway Scheduling — Minimizing the total travel time One of the goals in Railway scheduling is to find an optimal datenerhebunt of the railroad line capacity.

Assortment Planning in Retail Industry The physical distribution channel stores in the retail category sell products ranging from specialty retail industry, like electronic goods, automotive, home furnishing, and apparel to products of daily usage at convenience stores.

Im Speziellen soll dann ein Fokus auf den erinnerten Nutzen gelegt werden.