Alexis Tsipras sworn in as the new Greek Prime Minister”. Venizelos Othonaios 3 P. Leader of Syriza —present. In Farmers are threatening to bring their tractors into Athens and pharmacists have been on strike. Archived from the original on 17 May

PM Alexis Tsipras quits and calls early polls”. Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha Economy and Development: It also offered to reform the value-added-tax system to set the main rate at 23 percent. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Alexis Tsipras. Tsipras defended his adoption of new fiscal measures. Legislation included a provision for “contingency” measures, including wage and pension cuts, that would take effect automatically if budget targets were derailed next year. Alexis Tsipras Greece see European Council.

Alexis Tsipras

Retrieved 14 February In an interview with the Guardian that was published on 24 JulyTsipras opined that the Greek economy was “on the up” and that “the worst is clearly behind us. On ivtae February, the Eurogroup came to an agreement with Greece to extend the Greek bailout for four months.

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The company he keeps”. This article is part of a series about Alexis Tsipras.

Originally an outspoken critic of the austerity policies implemented during the crisis, his tenure in office has been marked by an intense austerity policy, mostly in the context of the third EU bailout to Greece — Retrieved 20 August Dimitris Vitsas Shipping and Island Policy: Tsipras won a seat on the Municipality of Athens council by virtue of him being first on the Syriza list. Tsipras first entered the limelight of mainstream Greek politics during the local election when he ran for Mayor of Athens under the “Anoikhti Poli” Greek: Christos Spirtzis Immigration Policy: Foreign Ministers of Greece.

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On 22 OctoberGreece’s top tax collection official, Katerina Savvaidouwas sacked by Alexis Tsipras, because she had allegedly granted an extension to television stations to pay a 20 per cent tax on advertising. Novas Tsirimokos Stefanopoulos Paraskevopoulos 3 Kanellopoulos 3. Sia Anagnostopoulou Research and Innovation: Venizelos 2 Tzipras 2 G.

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Katerina Notopoulou National Defence: Venizelos 2 Lambros Al. Order of precedence of Greece as Prime Minister.


Communist Party before Synaspismos — Uncalled saviors who think that they can determinate life and death. Retrieved 6 July Leaders of NATO member states. Theano Fotiou Corruption Issues: Nikos Mavraganis Agricultural Development and Food: Fotis Kouvelis Agricultural Development and Food: Mr Tsipras said the two leaders had a productive exchange, and “not a moment did I curdiculum threatened at any time” during their encounter.

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Trikoupis Rangavis Palamidis Thr. Prime Minister of Greece —present. Retrieved 14 August Retrieved 17 May — via www. The speech was given in English to a German audience and intended to be listened to throughout Europe.

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Venizelos Christakis-Zografos Gounaris El. Retrieved 30 September