Bloomington, Chicago University, Harvard University. The information structure of the sentence and the coherence of discourse. Institut Hongrois de Paris p. Frazeologiceskaja periferija i jejo predstavlenije v tolkovom slovare Phraseological “Periphery” and its Presentation in the Explanatory Dictionary. Reports on the State of Affaire in Belarus, Bulgaria,

An Attempt at Their Generalization in press. In the seven Faculties there are 2, undergraduate students, students in the Master’s programs and in Doctoral programs. In recent years he has been concentrating on improving research facilities in corpus linguistics. In the first chair of Computational Linguistics which is still the only one in Italy was created. Its central location is at the very crossroads of trading routes and Kaunas is rapidly developing into a business center. The objective of the DIALOGUE project is to define and put into operation robust and reliable communication systems with a man-machine language component.

At present the are two projects being carried out in the framework of the Slovak Grant Agency for Science funding programme:.

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As one of the 8 national backbones our Center ensures Internet communication for all the institutes of Romanian Academy The Bank of Swedish is a research supporting national service institution with the task of building up a digital reference bank which includes all kinds of linguistic information.

The Linguistic Computer Science. A challenge for universal grammar: Language Resources for Language Technology, Tihany There are three main forms from Latvian verbs: A publishing house attached to the university regularly brings out textbooks and manuals in English, French, German and Spanish. Stur Linguistics Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, computational lexicography head of research project — part time.


curriculum vitae pour bts esf

For years the University of Latvia has been one of the leading ones in the world in the field of inductive synthesis.

Oflazer is personally currently interested in advanced finite state processing and morphological disambiguation mainly for Turkish but with potential applications in other highly inflected languages.

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The Center has been established in to conduct basic research in artificial intelligence and to promote international scientific research. The main features of those LPSP-programs are their ability to function in any computer network, to communicate with similar LPSPs and to be tools for development of new computerized lingustic sources.

curriculum vitae pour bts esf

The main objective of the Curruculum Laboratory is to develop: There were attempts to develop a system of rules for deriving infinitive and present forms from a past form. It continues the Computer Science section that functioned between as part of the Faculty of Mathematics cudriculum the University “A.

Syntactic and semantic properties of English focalizers rhematizers. This project will exploit inherent regularities of Latvian word formation principles. Some of those contributions could have never been worked out by CFRL itself, e.

The generation of Romanian Morphology. Computational lexicology and lexicography; reusability of lexical resources; text processing; analysis of multilingual corpora; lexicographical and linguistic workstation; formal grammars and parsers; machine translation; quantitative linguistics; office automation; computer-assisted language teaching, document production and analysis, multimedia literary research, etc.


Slavisticna revija, submitted for publication. Slava, to be published. A two year Master’s program and then a three to four year period of study to achieve a Doctoral Degree.

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Linguistic meaning and semantic interpretation. A szamitogepes nagyszotari korpusz felhasznalasanak lehetosegei in Hungarian ‘On the possible use of the corpus of Hungarian’ Magyar Nyelv Since I am head of the interdisciplinary Institute of the Czech National Corpus, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, oriented towards build-up and development of the Czech National Corpus the largest universal databank of the Czech language.

Laboratoire Parole et Langage. A Computational Insight into Semantic Exf. Comparable or Parallel Corpora? Wer spricht das wahre Deutsch?

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The construction of a multi-functional retrieval system is in progress. The Slovak Variant in press. The introduction of natural language and, in particular, of speech into a man-machine interface requires systems which are both robust from the point of view of recognition and understanding of language and well adapted to the underlying task. A post-graduate programme is supervised by the professors in the Institute, open for both Czech students and students from abroad.