There are teachers’ notes, Ideas and plans for Action Projects such as Mock Election , profiles of female politicians, worksheets and more. See the campaign’s website for more details. In some cases a word or couple of words will suffice. Working for a better life: An explanation of two things that the student learnt while doing the module that were not specific to the Action Project. Copies were sent to schools in late October

There is also a separate Teachers’ Guide. It was sent to schools in early Confusion between an issue and an activity. Each of the activities undertaken should be briefly described, two to three sentences on each will suffice. There are plenty of class plans, games, case studies, action projects and a teacher’s guide. Resource banks, at the end of each chapter, provide students with opportunities to search for further information.

They are available from Trocaire or can be downloaded free from here. It was researched and written by public library staff. This high quality colour manual is an invaluable resource for schools and has particular relevance for CSPE teachers.

Available for download here.

Coursework assessment book cspe

The resource will raise awareness amongst young people of their rights to privacy, the importance of taking control of their personal information, the rights they have when it comes to how their personal information may be collected or used and also how they may access their personal information.

Copies were sent to schools in late October Clear identification of an issue, which is relevant to the particular course-work module. Each Dublin City branch library has a reference and a lending copy. In the course of the description of this activity the student should also indicate how particular skills were developed and used. The Resource can be downloaded here Additional related resources and information here.


cspe course work assessment book

Election – a resource by Conor Harrison, lots of activities, images, personalities, articles, action project ideas. For example, conducting a survey, interviewing, writing letters, visiting organisations or places, collecting information, inviting, preparing for and interviewing guest speakers, working in teams, presenting findings etc.

Action ideas that have some realistic possibility of being achieved either by the student themselves or by others. The student should avoid repeating the summary of information as a conclusion.

There are plenty of class plans, games, case studies, action projects and a teacher’s guide.

Check out our Video section. It wasn’t designed for CSPE but it should be of great benefit nevertheless. This overview should refer to the Action Project. How the Action Project was chosen should also be stated.

Skills may be taken from the following categories: Irish language version available Use contact details above. It does not require specialised knowledge of Africa, trade or global development issues.

cspe course work assessment book

Wide range of activities included. The Trocaire Campaign for centres on Internally Displaced Persons and extensive materials were sent to schools, tailored to different aspects of the curriculum.

Cspe coursework assessment book

A title that clearly indicates to anybody adsessment it what the course-work module was about. An explanation of something which has no relevance to the topic title already provided or no relevance to the aims and objectives of Civic, Social and Political Education. There is plenty of stimulus material, both wor, and pictures, ideas for Action Projects, a sample exam paper and a useful glossary of terms. Too much detail in the listed activities.


Coursework assessment book cspe

A junior cycle Civic, Social and Political Couse Unit exploring human rights and development has been developed by APA in collaboration with an experienced CSPE teachers, and has been piloted extensively, with the resultant learning evident from the student quotes embedded throughout the unit. Examples of activities include conducting wor survey, interviewing, writing letters, working in teams, presenting findings. OR A skill which the student has either acquired or developed as a result of this particular class.

A clear statement of a number of skills developed.

There are teachers’ notes, Ideas and plans for Xourse Projects such as Mock Electionprofiles of female politicians, worksheets and more. And it’s available free from the Agency, and can be downloaded free from www. Events which do not describe a learning process directly related to the Civic, Social and Political Education course.

A description of an activity in which the student was personally involved.