Focusing on schools, families, and jobs are the three most important factors in improving the wealth gap in America. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Most commonly seen is the increasing wealth gap between the rich upper class and the poor middle and lower class and the dramatic difference between their incomes. Political corruption leaves the middle class forgotten about. I believe the most successful in conveying the most accurate cause and solution to the problem was David Brooks.

As the years have passed the inequality still exists and probably stronger than ever. See C for examples. Lastly, Brooks believes the income inequality language introduces a class conflict element to the discussion and polarizes the debate. Inequality can be defined as a lack of regularity or difference in size, degree, or circumstance. He believes income inequality brings social inequality which affects the way people live in this country. A Naturally, you are better advised to select few questions, rather than many, as a way of narrowing your focus.

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A A A A 1 Why should we care about economic inequality? He disagrees that raising the minimum wage will have any affect on the poverty rates. To evaluate cobfronting quality of your comparison, examine it in relation to the underlined and otherwise highlighted standards in C and C See S — S and A — A for details on plagiarism and its penalties.

Monday, November 10, Must be submitted by the same deadline date as the Quizzes, and should first be saved to Word, then copied to our BB site. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Then the moral philosophers address inequality by invoking principles of justice and fairness. C also provides direction for developing evidence through research and for documenting the research in a Works Cited section.


All of the ineqaulity need to see what they have to face first to help others. The upper and lower class have become separate due to their differences in lifestyles.

Confronting Inequality

Thessis not comparative and not related to the subject matter of your Analysis 2, it observes the same standards of clear reasoning and the uses of varied forms of evidence.

In order to strengthen his argument the author could address more details about income inequality. Lastly, in Robert H. You may analyze likenesses, differences or both. Politicians have enough wealth and influence that they are unaffected by the average joe who doesn’t agree with them.

Inequality has been caused by corruption of politics, meaning the people at the top have enough money to influence government. I believe he provided a realistic approach to solving the problem.

Final Draft of Inequality Essay Homework 4/14 | jennifer hnatiuk

Our online course does not allow for the detailed instruction possible in in-class learning. Finally, in C, note the bracketed Topic Sentence 1 directly compares on its first page Willy and Amanda, characters in different plays.


A maximum of points can be earned for this essay. Page 2 of 4. Then, he describes arithmetic of equalization with benefit systems do much more than to reduce inequality. Consider any of the fourteen questions below in building your comparative essay. A A A A 9 Please be certain to directly quote a total confrnoting of five 5 times from the two essays you are comparing in building your evidence. Hopefully, one day we can work together and inequality will not play such a large role in the United States of America.

confronting inequality paul krugman thesis

Works Cited Brooks, David. Therefore, problems in money among people and economy between classes is harder to confront these issues. To lessen this cultural separation, individual American families need to begin acting in their own interests and the interests of their children.

See C for examples. There is a strong correlation between these problems but they are not the cause of inequality.

confronting inequality paul krugman thesis

Krugman believes that, in order to solve inequality, America needs to implement healthcare reform to the point of universal healthcare. Gerald Graff, They Say I say pp. The authors point is that the krhgman the inequality problem the bigger the space between high and low income is created.